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«Михаил Циммерман, Клавдия Веденеева Русско-английский научно-технический СЛОВАРЬ ПЕРЕВОДЧИКА А [см. тж. В то время как] ...»

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Проявление [см. тж. Внешнее проявление] This phenomenon is a manifestation of the a-c effect.

Проявлять [см. Иметь].

Проявлять активность Peptides may exhibit (or show, or display) activity which is greater than...

Проявлять большой интерес к The UN is taking an active interest in geothermal energy.

Проявлять интерес к Great interest has been expressed (or demonstrated, or displayed) by mineral engineers in this roof-support system.

Some interest is being shown in these steels.

Проявлять исключительную осторожность Use extreme care (or caution) in handling the foil so as not to bend it.

Проявлять осторожность 739(996) Проявлять осторожность Personnel should exercise caution when measuring parts machined from fluorocar-bon resins.

Care (or Caution) must be exercised (or is required) in the interpretation of shock tube measurements made at low pressures Проявлять признаки Malignant tumours generally show evidence of significant growth.

Проявлять свойство The nonreducing sugars do not exhibit (or manifest, or show) this property.

Проявлять склонность к [см. Склонен к].

Проявлять способность к As a rule, microspheres do not show a capacity for concentrating materials (or do not possess the ability to concentrate materials).

Проявлять тенденцию к [см. тж. Склонен к] If the sands are siliceous, the soils tend to have a reduced nutrient content.

Проявляться Most of the oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur in the coal appear as water, ammonia, and hydrogen sulphide in the gaseous products.

When atomic energy is released quickly in a bomb, it manifests itself as heat, shock wave,...

Radiation damage of the nitrilites would be reflected by changes in the rate of fermentation.

The mass effect shows itself as a slight difference of the terms of...

This reduced adhesion shows up most vividly when...

External corrosion shows (up) as rusty or pitted spots on the metal.

These antibodies are too weak to reveal themselves in test tube reaction.

The relative scarcity of volatile elements in eucretes (a type of meteorites) shows up in the composition of...

Acoustic neuroma can present in this way (med.).

This form of the disease can be manifested by a wide range of signs and symptoms.

This uncertainty makes itself evident in the range of values found for...

All these characteristics are exhibited by arsenic.

A number of interesting properties emerge in the vicinity of the critical point.

Проявляться в виде Weathering manifests itself as a reduction of the material to...

This form of narrow saturation resonance manifests itself in the output signal of a gas laser.

Temporal arthritis occasionally presents with localizing neurological signs (med.).

This neoplasm may present as weight loss.

This activity is often manifested in the production of cosmic jets.

Such deviations show as a curvature of the calibration graph.

Autonomic neuropathy is most usually evi- dent as postural hypotension and...

Проявляться в том, что The diffusion law makes itself evident (or manifests itself) in the fact that the system may fail to hold gases.

Проявляться в других формах Osteoarthrosis may also present in other ways, for instance, as the rupture of a Baker's cyst.

Проявляться наиболее ярко Edema and other symptoms of acute protein deficiency were most conspicuous in the children.

Проявляться путём In the spatial transient, the power in the tunneling rays manifests itself by adding a tail to the pulse.

Пружинный 740(996) Пружинный A spring-driven clock...

A spring-loaded valve...

Прямая (линия) [см. Двигаться по прямой, По прямой].

Прямая противоположность The effect of monsoon control is the exact antithesis (or reverse) of the Mediterranean regime of rainfall...

The maximum eccentricity program is the exact (or diametrical) opposite of the circularizing thrust program.

Прямая реакция A forward reaction.

Прямо пропорционален The energy content of one quantum of a particular radiation is in direct proportion (or directly proportional) to its frequency.

The frequency of mutations induced by X-rays is almost directly proportional to the dosage of radiation.

Прямо пропорционально [см. тж. Изменяться прямо пропорционально] The volume of a gas varies directly as the absolute temperature.

Echo intensity varies directly as the square of the target diameter and inversely as the fourth power of the distance.

The rate of conversion increases directly with the surface concentration.

The amplitude varies in direct proportion to...

Прямо противоположен The direction of magnetization of some rocks is exactly the opposite of that in adjacent strata.

The electron-releasing resonance effect is in direct opposition to the electron-withdrawing inductive effect.

This observation is in direct opposition to the statement that...

This situation is in complete contrast to what would be expected if...

This process is just the reverse of that already described.

Прямо противоположный [см. тж. Диаметрально противоположный] Some rocks possessed a polarization quite the reverse (or the exact reverse) of that of today.

Two diametrically (or directly) opposed (or opposite) theories...

Прямой отсчёт [см. С прямым отсчётом].

Прямой угол [см. Под прямым углом].

Прямолинейность The curves approach straightness (or linearity) at the top.

Прямолинейный The straight line (or rectilinear) portion of the curve...

Прямоугольный Sharp, round, and right-angled blades can be fitted.

Прямые и обратные реакции Forward and reverse reactions.

Пуск 741(996) Пуск The relay serves to actuate (or start) the dial mechanism.

Пускать [см. Запускать].

Пускать в ход [см. тж. Запускать машину] Set the clock going (or Start the clock) by swinging the pendulum.

When the lathe is set in motion,...

The compressor was started (up).

Пускать в эксплуатацию [см. тж. Вводить в эксплуатацию, Пуск] The instrument can now be put into commission.

The station will be commissioned in 1992.

These instructions will enable the user to install, set to work, and maintain the recorder in first class working order.

A new haulage system will soon go into operation.

The third unit goes on line in December.

These units will go on stream when they are delivered to location.

This permits the diffusion pump to be placed in operation.

Two tractors were put into operation.

The ship was put into service in April 1982.

To put the boiler into service,...

Пускать станок Then we start (up) the lathe.

Пускаться в рассуждения о I will not launch into a discussion of...

Пусть [см. тж. Предположим, Скажем] Let Uo be (or Let us assume that Uo is, or Assume that Uo is) the initial velocity.

Let A = A (p/pi).

To each pair (x1, x2) in... let there correspond a certain definite number y.

Пусть будет Let there be N molecules per unit volume.

Пусть это будет When an industrial effluent has to be discharged to any water course, be it [or whether (or no matter whether) it is] a stream or a river, some form of treatment is essential.

Путаница [см. Во избежание путаницы, Вызывать путаницу].

Путать [см. Не следует путать с].

Путём [см. тж. Обычным путём, Посредством, При помощи. Различными путями, Таким образом, Химическим путём] То project the image of the slit of the lamp housing onto the slit of the multiplier by way of reflection from the grating,...

The moving air acquires water from the land through evaporation and transpiration.

This is accomplished by increasing the preload.

In fungi, lysine is formed by a different route.

Harris process is a process for softening lead by the use of salts of sodium.

The relay controls large values of current and power through the use (or utilization) of a special cathode tube.

The wave will reach the detector by way of the more direct route.

These data can be obtained through long-term observation.

The most important commercial synthesis of anthranilic acid is via the Hoffmann degradation of...

Путём введения (или внесения) 742(996) Solid state bonds can be achieved reliably with ultrasonic welding.

When androgens are produced by this pathway in the adrenal, one additional reaction occurs.

The most efficient way to replenish soil nitrogen is through the application of...

It is possible to compute definite integrals by an easier procedure.

Moisture transport occurs by water vapour diffusion.

Friction power can only be reduced at the expense of increasing the pumping power.

Путём введения (или внесения) The improvement of soil through incorporation of organic matter...

Путём воздействия... на [см. тж. Воздействие] Triple superphosphate of lime is prepared by the action of phosphoric acid on crushed phosphate rock.

Путём добавления [см. тж. Добавлением] Cadmium is precipitated from the electrolyte of... by the addition of zinc dust.

Путём использования Measurements are made by reference to a calibration curve.

This determination can be made through the use of the chart.

Путём конвекции The water circulates by convection.

Путём... можно получить Addition of a commercial brightener gives sound, mirror-like deposits.

Путём перехода The electrons can increase their energies by going (or transferring) to higher energy levels.

Путём подбора The best electrode pressure to use with any particular size of rivet can be found only by trial and error.

Путём присоединения... к A white precipitate is obtained by adding (or by addition of) disodium hydrogen phosphate to calcium chloride solution.

Путём проводимости [см. тж. Отдача тепла путём проводимости] Heat flows out of the earth by conduction.

Путём рассмотрения The regions were defined through consideration of the rainfall probabilities.

Путём реакции This compound is obtained by the reaction of acetic acid and bases.

The best method for the preparation of chlorine monoxide is by the reaction of chlorine with mercuric oxide.

Boron trifluoride is most readily obtained from the reaction of boric acid, hydrogen fluoride, and sulphuric acid.

Путём совместного использования It is through the interplay of observation, prediction and comparison that the laws of nature are slowly clarified.

Путём экстраполяции от Predict the properties of astatine by extrapolation from the known properties of the common halogens.

Путь [см. тж. Быть на правильном пути, 743(996) Путь [см. тж. Быть на правильном пути, Идти обычным путём. Изыскивать пути, Искать пути, Метод, На обратном пути, На полпути между... и, На пути к, Отклоняться от своего пути, Помещать на пути.

Пройденное расстояние] Fuel cycles that release most of their energy in the form of charged particles offer still other avenues for the recovery of fusion energy.

The actual metabolic pathways by which amino acids are synthesized are presented in...

Operators started searching for ways (or means) of cutting costs.

Путь к... свободен The way is cleared toward resolving this problem.

Путь луча The path (of travel) of the ray...

Путь, проходимый газом The pathway traversed (or taken) by the gas...

Путь распространения волны The wave propagation path...

Путь реакции The rate of the reaction via the third reaction (path)-(way) can be expressed by the term...

Thermodynamics cannot predict what path the reaction will take if it does proceed.

Путь решения проблемы A different line of attack on the problem of control of the atmospheric branch of the water cycle has been advanced.

Пучок лучей To convert a diverging bundle (or beam) of rays to parallelism,...

Пыленепроницаемый All push-buttons are dust tight (or dust proof).

Пыльный The dust-laden air enters...

Пытаться We seek (or strive, or endeavour, or attempt, or try) to identify...

They attempted the production of elements beyond uranium.

Пытаться получить We shall attempt a graphical solution first.

Р Работа I [см. тж. В процессе работы, Ведётся большая работа по, Выполнять работу, Действие, Круглосуточная работа,Нарушать работу, Опытно-конструкторские работы, При нормальной работе, Режим, Эксплуатация] The normal operation (or performance) of the system...

To ensure steady running (or work) of the crusher,...

Work at (or on) the project...

Работа II [см. тж. Исследование] 744(996) Some work has already been done on this problem.

Работа II [см. тж. Исследование] In this paper (or work, or investigation, or study) the rotary dispersion of...

is reported.

Работа без смазки Dry operation.

Работа для одного человека A one-man job.

Работа, затраченная на преодоление силы трения The work done against friction...

Работа... основана на The bolometer depends for its operation on the change in resistance of...

Работа no Work has begun on the bonding of the dispersion-hardened tin to...

Работа по созданию This was a milestone in the quest for an organic super-conductor.

Работа по чертежам Working from drawings.

Работа прибора The figure shows the operation of the instrument.

Работа продвинулась настолько, что сейчас Work has progressed to the point where two companies now plan...

Работа, произведённая над The work done on the gas is...

Работа с большой нагрузкой Heavy-duty service (or operation).

Работа со смазкой Wet operation.

Работать [см. тж. Может использоваться, Не работать, Успешно работать] More than a million combines were then at work on American farms.

We are active in the design and application of...

The machine has been functioning (or operating, or working, or running) properly.

When the pump is in service...

The tubes operate at 350°C.

The plant is operated 24 hours a day.

The transformer performs well.

The air grinder performs at 1/4 hp, 17,500 rpm, 100 psi.

The belt can be run at speeds up to...

The adjustment can be made while the machine is running.

Machines with this equipment are already in operation.

Работать безаварийно The conveyor system is trouble free.

Работать безукоризненно 745(996) Работать безукоризненно The valves function flawlessly.

Работать в диапазоне These components can operate over frequency ranges far broader than...

Several communication satellite systems are to operate at K-band.

Работать в лазерном режиме Sodium fluorescein will not lase without a triplet quencher present.

Работать вхолостую A governor makes it possible to operate grinding wheels at their most efficient speed and prevents overspeeding when running idle.

Работать на нас Many accidents of physics and astronomy have worked together to our benefit.

Работать на переменном токе The logic array of the computer can be powered by alternating current.

Работать на полную мощность When in full production (or at full load, or at full blast - sl.) the station will provide...

The machines are in full operation.

The plant was operated at full power.

The mill is expected to be running at (full) capacity by 1992.

Работать на сжатом воздухе The system is operated by compressed air.

Работать на станке To run (or work, or operate) a lathe.

Работать на топливе The convener operates on diesel fuel.

This machine can run on solar, nuclear or chemical fuel.

The plant is fired with fossil fuel.

Работать на трение The clutch operates by friction.

Работать на холостом ходу When the engine is idling,...

Работать наиболее эффективно [см. Наиболее эффективно работать].

Работать одной рукой The solder is automatically fed which permits rapid, one-handed operation.

Работать от The tachometer is driven off (or by) a motor.

The demodulator operates directly from the supply.

This machine operates from the compressed air main.

The discriminators are operated from a regulated power supply.

The motor operates on ordinary alternating current.

Работать от электропривода These moving components are electrically powered.

The bins are equipped with feeders operated electrically.

Работать по чертежу 746(996) Работать по чертежу To work from a blueprint (or drawing).

Работать под нагрузкой When operated under load...

Работать против себя If the air velocities are carried too high the method defeats its own object.

Работать с полной нагрузкой The machines are used to capacity.

Работающий We have a few reactors of this type in operation.

Работающий двигатель [см. При работающем двигателе].

Работающий от A battery-operated radio set.

The a-c line-operated unit employs...

Работающий от сети This is a mains-operated unit.

Работающий по этому принципу A pilot plant embodying this concept was operated by...

Рабочая позиция The tool holder has eight positions (or stations).

Рабочая температура Operating temperature.

Рабочее давление Operating (or Working) pressure.

Рабочее испытание The fully assembled chassis is subjected to a test run.

Рабочее место Telescopic sights permit the operators to read all positions of the columns from their work stations.

Рабочее положение The mechanism can be set so that the pen remains in the operative (or working) position when the door is opened.

The rotary tool holder has eight positions (or stations).

Рабочее состояние [см. тж. Поддерживать в рабочем состоянии, Приводить в рабочее состояние] Brackets must be oiled and always kept in good operating (or working) condition.

Рабочее тело After liberation, the high-temperature internal kinetic energy must be transferred as heat to a suitable working substance (or working material, or working medium, or working fluid) such as air, water, or steam.

Рабочие условия [см. В рабочих условиях].

Рабочий диапазон M"Mylar" has an effective operating range of from -80° to 300°F.

Рабочий режим [см. Режим]. 747(996) Рабочий режим [см. Режим].

Рабочий ход The working stroke of the spindle can be varied steplessly.

Равен [см. тж. На равных основаниях (или правах), Не иметь себе равного, Одинаковый, При равных прочих условиях] The power level equals (or is equal to) the heat loss.

The power in the radiation field is the difference between...

The electronegativity difference between chlorine and hydrogen is as great as that between nitrogen and hydrogen.

Равен или больше If the electron energy is equal to or greater than an electronic transition of the atom,...

Равен нулю On an asteroid, gravity is virtually nil (or zero).

Равен по величине The maximum error must equal the step in magnitude (or must be equal to the step in magnitude).

Равен по величине и противоположен по знаку The heat effect is equal in magnitude but opposite in sign to that of...

The flux linkage induces a voltage pulse that is equal but opposite to the one induced during the approach.

Равен по мощности Ten solar energy plants match the power output of a large hydroelectric installation.

Равно как и [см. тж. А также] This calculation, along with our findings, shows that...

Generally, cutting tools for shapers, planers and lathes are similar, as are the mounting mediums.

The diameter required in order to fulfil this condition depends upon the reaction-zone length as does the critical diameter.

Равновесие [см. В состоянии равновесия, Выводить из равновесия, Достигать равновесия, Находящиеся в равновесии, Не в равновесии с, Подвижное равновесие, При равновесии, Приводить в равновесие, Приходить в равновесие].

Равновесие нарушено This delicate balance is disrupted in cancer tissue.

Равновесие устанавливается An equilibrium is established according to the reaction of Eq. (17-77).

Равновесие фаз Equilibrium between two phases...

Равновесное положение The particle is restored to its equilibrium position.

Равное расстояние [см. На равном расстоянии друг от друга].

Равномерно The adsorbed chromia is evenly distributed over the surface.

A uniformly impregnated substance was obtained.

The hot metal fills the mould cavity gradually and uniformly.

Равномерное распределение 748(996) Равномерное распределение This ensures even (or uniform) distribution of materials.

Равномерный To ensure even (or uniform) pressure across the width of...

To ensure steady running of the crusher under fluctuating feed conditions,...

Равномерный по толщине The plate is uniform across the width (or in thickness).

Равноотстоять от All five carbons in the ring are equidistant from the manganese.

Равноотстоящий Equally spaced (or Equidistant) notches indicate...

Равноотстоящий от All points on the plane should be equidistant (or equally spaced, or at an equal distance) from a remote point at the right.

A point equidistant from two given intersecting lines...

Равноправный [см. На равных основаниях (или правах)].

Равносильно заявлению о том, что This is tantamount to stating that the enzyme binds only single-stranded DNA.

Равноудаленный The rotational spectra consist of equally spaced absorption lines.

All points on a profile are equidistant from a common centre.

Равноценен [см. тж. На равных основаниях (или правах)] Magnesium perchlorate is the equal of (or is equal to) any desiccant from the standpoint of drying efficiency.

Равны The two series are equal.

Равны по величине The controlling air impulses are equal in magnitude (or size).

These fractions are equal in value (or have the same value).

Равны по величине и противоположны по знаку Na and Nb are equal (in value) but opposite in sign.

Равны по высоте The resulting chromatographic peaks were equal in height.

Равный [см Приравнивать к].

Равный и противоположный There is an equal and opposite charge on the other plate.

In a circular orbit the gravitational force is equal and opposite to the centrifugal force.

Равный или меньший This diameter must be equal to, or smaller than, the distance between...

Равный нулю It is equal to (or equals) zero.

Равный по величине и противоположный по направлению [см. тж. Равны по величине и ] 749(996) Равный по величине и противоположный по направлению [см. тж. Равны по величине и ] This force is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the Coriolis acceleration (or and opposed to it in direction).

Равным образом It has been shown already how electromagnetic radiation can interact with the ground state to produce an excited state;

in an equivalent manner a photon can interact with an excited state to produce a ground state.

Равняться Substituting..., we find that the period of revolution comes out (or is equal) to 27.3 days.

Радар, предотвращающий столкновения A collision-avoidance radar.

Ради [см. Для].

Радиация [см. Защита от излучения, Падающее излучение, Под облучением].

Радиус [см. Загибать по радиусу, Запиливать на радиус, По радиусу, Расстояние по радиусу].

Радиус действия R is the radius of action of the active conductors.

The range of the nuclear force.

Радиус кривизны The grating has a radius of curvature of 50 centimetres.

Радиус поворота The turning radius is reduced when using leaning front wheels.

Радиусом The inner core of the earth, 3475 km in radius, consists of...

An orbit of radius r.

A shaft pillar of 50 m radius.

Раз [см. тж. В два раза больше, чем;

В два раза выше, чем;

В два раза меньше, чем;

В миллион раз;

В... раз;

Во много десятков раз меньше;

Во много раз больше;

Ещё раз;

Уменьшать вдвое] The specific goal for chemicals is a 17-times (or a 17-fold) increase.

Doubling the load will reduce the life of the bearing by a factor of eight.

For the amplitude to decrease by the factor 1/e (в 1/е раз)...

Раз в восемь лет (Once in) every (or Once every) eight years all valves must be removed from...

Раз в два года Biennially (or Every two years).

Раз в полгода Ships are repaired semiannually (or each half year).

Раз в смену Flue gases must be analyzed at least once a watch (or a shift).

Раз в шесть месяцев The governor should be tested at least every six months.

Under normal operating conditions, the instrument should be lubricated at six-monthly intervals.

Раз и навсегда 750(996) Раз и навсегда They decided to resolve the problem once and for all.

Разбавление [см. Большое разбавление].

Разбавленный [см. тж. Бесконечно разбавленный раствор] A dilute acid...

Разбавленный водой Diluted with water (or Water diluted).

Water-thinned latex paint (or Latex paint thinned with water).

Разбавленный раствор A dilute solution.

Разбавлять до безопасной концентрации Such gases can be diluted past harm by using...

Разбивать на [см. тж. Делить на] The enthalpy function can be broken up into a temperature-independent term and a temperature dependent term.

It is necessary to break the image up into dots.

The procedure can be broken down (or divided, or subdivided) into the following steps:...

The gross weight of an airplane can be broken into component weights.

These methods can be grouped as follows (разбить на следующие группы):...

The outer loop breaks the integration range down into a number of integrals.

Разбивать на части The integral can be split (or divided) into two parts.

Разбирать These ferries can be broken down into units which can easily and swiftly be transported from point to point.

Always disassemble the unit (or take the unit apart) first for proper cleaning and rinsing.

Blowers should be removed, dismantled (or taken apart) and inspected for wear.

Разбираться в The trace is so complicated that the observer may not be able to make sense (or to make head or tail - col.) of it.

This situation may be difficult to unravel.

Разбит на In Fig. 2 the system is broken down into its elements.

Разбить на два раздела The scientific work can be classified under two heads - that concerned with control and that entailing research.

Разброс [см. тж. Большой разброс] The dispersion of the experimental points is about the average.

The scatter in the data is most evident in Run No. 7.

The scatter of points may be due to variation of...

There is always a spread of energies about a mean value.

Разброс по частоте The beam has a spread in frequency about...

Разброс траекторий (снаряда) 751(996) Разброс траекторий (снаряда) Dispersion of trajectories.

Разбросаны I The data for heating times are scattered.

Разбросаны II Rock fragments are strewn over the entire Martian surface.

Разбрызгивать на CaCI2 is often sprinkled on icy roads to help melt the ice.

Разведанные запасы The proved (or proven, or known, or explored, or prospected) reserves.

Развернутое уравнение An expanded equation.

Развиваемая сила The force exerted (or developed) by air in motion...

Развивать силу The air cylinder is capable of exerting (or developing) a maximum force of 600 lb.

The model was rotated in a centrifuge to induce centrifugal forces.

Развивать тему This is a subject we will elaborate upon (or develop) later in the chapter.

Развиваться The concept of chemical substances as being composed of particles evolved gradually...

This type of brazing is progressing rapidly.

Electroplating is heading in several new directions.

Развиваться в двух направлениях Platform technology then took two paths.

Развиваться естественным путём This disease ought to be treated rather than be allowed to run its natural course.

Развиваться с нарастающей силой A technological revolution is gathering force (or momentum) in our industry.

Развивающийся The exciting and still evolving (or developing) technology appears to be the logical solution.

Развитие I [см. тж. В процессе развития] Life of the geologic past shows an orderly progression of forms from primitive to advanced types.

The advancement of science...

There has been a tremendous growth in atomic physics.

The control of frictional heat has been one stumbling block in the progress (or development) of this method.

In keeping with the expected progression of manned space flight from single to mul-timanned vehicles...

The continuous evolution of reactor technology...

Развитие II The VSERP theory is an outgrowth of the Pauli exclusion principle.

Разгадать We will try to puzzle out the origin of the orebody.

Разгадать загадку 752(996) Разгадать загадку To unravel the puzzles of planet origin,...

Разгонять до The protons are raised (or accelerated) to high energies.

Разграничение There is a sharp distinction between measuring and gauging.

There is now no distinct line between brass and bronze.

Разграничивать We should establish a (strict) line of demarcation between mechanics' work and the work of mechanics' helpers.

Разгромлен окончательно The ether concept was shattered past retrieval.

Разгрузочная сторона The view shows the discharge end of the press.

Раздаваться The inner face of the bearing is adjusted axially along the spindle, and as it moves along the taper it expands.

Раздваиваться The ray bifurcates, pan of it being reflected at angle 0z and part of it being transmitted into...

Раздвигать Braking pressure forces the plates apart.

Раздвигать на... расстояние When the rolls were separated by this distance,...

Раздвигаться The two metal strips are pushed apart by the cam.

Раздел [см. В разделе о, Граница раздела между, Линия раздела, На поверхности раздела.

Область, Поверхность раздела].

Раздел науки The principal divisions of botanical science are as follows:...

Разделение [см. тж. Деление] Choosing k objects out of n is equivalent to partitioning the n objects into two groups of sizes k and n-k.

A rifting apart (or separation) of the continents (or A continental rifting)...

The separation of an aqueous solution of... into two liquid phases...

Разделение на The problem of interpreting the universe is considerably simplified by breaking it down to smaller problems.

Разделены во времени To distinguish events that are separated in time by only 10 microseconds...

Разделён на A processor is partitioned into modules.

Разделённые The region consists of two continental rock sequences separated by a marine sequence.

Разделенный на [см. Делить на]. 753(996) Разделенный на [см. Делить на].

Разделённый на сантиметры It is a ruler with centimetres marked off (on it).

Разделённый на сектора A rotating sectored disk...

Разделка кромки Vertical seams are welded in one pass without need for elaborate edge preparation.

Preparing (or trimming) the edges of the workpiece for welding...

Разделять I [см. тж. Делить на] It remains to see how the values of Table 6-9 can be divided up so that contributions from the separate ions can be obtained.

In a colour camera an optical system separates the red, green and blue image components of a picture.

Разделять II As two charges are pulled apart,...

Разделять взгляды Their views are reciprocated by enlightened mining men.

Разделять мнение Not all workers share this judgment (or opinion).

Разделять на The machines to be served should be broken down (or divided, or subdivided, or classified) into three groups.

These crystals can be classed into three sections.

Melting furnaces can be separated into two main groups.

Разделять на категории It is generally convenient to separate charge-coupled sensors into two categories: linear sensors and area sensors.

Разделяться I The rock tends to split or part along these planes of weakness.

Where plates pull apart and new oceanic crust is formed...

Evidently, North America and Gondwanaland were together 1.

15 billion years ago, but split (or rifted) apart (or separated) shortly thereafter.

Constituents having different densities separate under the influence of gravity.

Разделяться II The container is within the jacket, the two being separated by a 1-cm air space.

The stream is split at B.

Разделяться на When a liquid system breaks down into two phases...

Разделяться на части A single large continent (Pangaea) formed during the Proterozoic and remained as a single unit until it broke apart during...

Разжигать интерес к These vivid descriptions sparked (or stimulated) his interest in science.

Раззенковывать [см. Зенковать]. 754(996) Раззенковывать [см. Зенковать].

Разлагать This enzyme breaks down starch.

In scanning, the picture must be broken down into lines of successive elements.

A pure substance that can be broken down into two or more...

The picture is broken into the sequence of elemental parts by the process of scanning.

Hydrogen, oxygen,... cannot be resolved into simpler substances.

Forces acting on an aerodynamic surface can be resolved into a lift and a drag, and a pitching moment.

Thus the while sunlight is spread out (or dispersed) into a spectrum.

Разлагать в ряд A continuous function... can be expanded in(to) the Fourier-Bessel series.

Expand this function in a Taylor series.

Разлагать в степенной ряд по To expand F as a power series in r / p...

Разлагать до The starches and cellulose may be broken down (or degraded) to D-glucose.

Разлагать на [см. тж. Разбивать на] Bacterial activity breaks down the carbohydrate molecules into carbon dioxide and water.

This catalyst is used to dissociate a halogen molecule into a halid ion and a positive halogen ion.

An element is a substance which cannot be broken down to simpler substances by chemical reactions.

To decompose water into oxygen and hydrogen,...

We decompose (or resolve) the electric field into plane-wave components.

The distortion term is broken down into its components.

This motion can be analyzed by resolving it into components.

The action of the prism in resolving while light into its constituent colours is called colour dispersion.

Разлагать на множители To expand the number into factors...

Разлагать по степеням The exact Hamilton-Jacobi equation may be expanded in powers of i.

Разлагать свет White light is composed of various colours that can be spread out (or decomposed) into a rainbow by a prism.

Разлагаться [см. тж. Не разлагаясь, Распадаться] Freons are decomposed by ultraviolet light.

The rise in amino acids is an indication that proteins in the skeletal muscles are being broken down to provide material for the production of glucose for the liver.

Разлагаться на In the reverse reaction, water breaks down (in)to hydrogen and oxygen.

If heated, nitrogen dioxide dissociates into nitrogen oxide and oxygen.

Разлагаться на компоненты A beam of white light on passing through a prism is separated into its component colours.

Разлагаться на элементы 755(996) Разлагаться на элементы B2H6 can be completely decomposed to its elements at 500-600°C.

Разлетаться These nuclei contain so much positive charge and so much electrostatic energy that they are ready to fly apart at the slightest provocation.

The particles bounce apart.

Разливать в формы The burden is poured out for distribution into moulds.

Различается несколько семейств (биол.) Several families are differentiated (or distinguished), mainly by the method of attachment and...

Различать I [см. тж. Отличать от] A distinction is made between the boiling point and the condensation point.

Colour vision is the ability to discriminate (or distinguish) lights on the basis of their wavelength composition.

To discriminate between a fluorescence signal and a background interference,...

The eye can distinguish among (or identify) a great number of shades.

The light microscope cannot distinguish objects smaller than about 10-5 centimetre.

Geologists recognize (or differentiate) three major classes of rocks.

Различать II The normal eye readily distinguishes the figure.

To perceive the subtle differences between them,...

Различать III We recognize four major classes of geosynclines.

Различать по The passenger cars are distinguished by the horsepower of the engine, the number of cylinders,...

Различаться Four functional groups of adrenocortical steroids are recognized (or distinguished).

Различаться по These chambers vary in size.

Различаться по составу The extractable species vary in composition.

Различают Three general types of comet tails are recognized (or distinguished).

Различие [см. тж. Проводить различие между. Разница между, Резкое различие между] Although these viruses show many similar-ides, they also exhibit a number of distinctions.

Различие во взглядах [см. Нет согласия между... относительно].

Различие между [см. тж. Проводить различие между] In chromosomes, distinctions between chromatin and heterochromatin acquire significance.

Measured neutron cross sections show considerable variation from one nucleid to another.

Различимый Iron wire burns in oxygen with no discernible flame.

The Mississippi river has formed five clearly discernible delta complexes.

Distinguishable features, such as jets, are seldom observed.

Различно [см. По разному]. 756(996) Различно [см. По разному].

Различного цвета Variously coloured pieces of wood...

Различной длины Sequences from a single source were heterogeneous in length (or of different length) (biol.).

Различной формы Variously shaped orbits...

Различные I [см. тж. Выполнять самые разнообразные функции] Varied responses are obtained.

Различные II [см. тж. Отличаться друг от друга] Each processing element has more than 100,000 distinct electronic components.

Examples are found in such diverse cells as the algae Valonia Halicyslis and Nitella.

Galvanic corrosion occurs when two dissimilar metals in contact are exposed to...

This mathematical language seems to apply to all critical phenomena, even in the most disparate physical systems.

Различный [см. тж. Иметь различный состав, Разнообразные] The beetles are adaptable to a variety of media.

Even these few disparate and undeveloped examples...

This term describes substances that are chemically distinct (or dissimilar, or different), but exhibit similarity of crystalline form.

Beds of bentonite show a variable (or varied) thickness.

Tryptophan and variable (or different) amounts of tyrosine are destroyed by acid hydrolysis.

A variety of techniques are used.

Automatic gain control makes it possible to receive incoming signals of varying (or differing) strength at nearly the same volume.

A range of five standard milling heads of varying power is available.

Различными путями I This back pressure may be applied in a variety of (or in various, or in different) ways.

Amplitude modulation can be produced in a number of (different) ways.

This can occur by a variety of processes.

Water moves from the world ocean to the lands and back, following various paths.

Различными путями II This is achieved by various means (or in various ways).

Различных размеров к форм The bellows can be made in various sizes and shapes.

Разложение [см. тж. Биологическое разложение отходов] Carbon dioxide is also prepared by the decomposition of a metal carbonate with an acid or by heat.

Breakdown of complex substances to simpler substances by living cells...

Yeasts obtain energy by breaking down sugars into simpler compounds.

Complete breakup of the molecule...

To prevent peroxide decomposition in the vessel during processing...

The resolution of the original light into its component frequencies...

Разложение по (матем.) The expansion of the elastic energy density in terms of the strain invariants...

Разложение соединения 757(996) Разложение соединения The method involves degrading the compound into smaller compounds, breaking them down further,...

Размазанный The energy levels of the impurity atoms represent the discrete levels of single atoms or molecules as opposed to the smeared-out energy levels of a liquid or a solid.

Размельчать [см. тж. Измельчённый в порошок] The grinding teeth serve to break the food into finer particles.

Размельчать в порошок The gold-bearing quartz is crushed to powder.

Crude barite is ground (or reduced) (to fine powder).

Размельчать до The ore is crushed to 6 in.

Размер [см. тж. Аналогичного размера, Бесконечных размеров, Бывают разных размеров, Габариты увеличиваются, Доводить до заданного размера, Иметь размеры, Малых размеров, Меньше номинального размера, Нестандартных размеров, По размерам, Рассчитывать размеры, Точность размеров] Supertankers range in size from 350 M to 400 M bbl and more.

The device is small in size.

The new product is offered in four sizes.

The balloon basket is 3,5 ft high by 3 ft wide by 3,5 ft long.

Размер... растёт The continent was growing in size.

Размерность K has dimensions of energy per Kelvin per mole.

P has dimensionality (mass) x (length) -1 x (time) -2.

Размерный допуск Dimensional tolerance.

Размером Then the set P is a subset of R5 of size c.

These cameras are made in sizes down to 35 min.

Micron- and submicron-sized particles...

For particles of size 1 micrometre the resulting speed would be...

Размером с [см. тж. Величиной с] Fragments the size of pebbles and cobbles litter the surface of...

Boulders as big as a house...

Sand-sized mineral grains...

Размером с Луну There are six other satellites in the solar system that are Moon-sized or a little larger.

Размеры Most alluvial rivers have a yearly flood of such proportions that the water cannot any longer be contained within the channel.

Размеры атома 758(996) Размеры атома What we know about atomic sizes (or dimensions),...

Размеры молекулы The molecular dimensions (or sizes) of the organic solvent...

Размеры... составляют The worklable measures 15 by 20 in.

Размеры уменьшаются Today's warehouses are shrinking in size.

Разметочная синька Apply a coat of layout blue to the work.

Разметочный стал A marking-off (or laying-out) table.

Размечать Locate and drill holes in the reinforcement plate.

The plate is marked out and cut to the required shape.

Размечать для сборки All pieces are match-marked for assembly at their destination.

Размешивать A paddle arrangement stirs the cement slurry.

Размещать I [см. тж. В котором размещён] Only a limited number of detectors can be accommodated in an instrument.

The usual method is to enclose all circuits in a metal cabinet.

To accommodate all N electrons in the lowest available states,...

Размещать II The canal intake must be located at a point where...

Размещаться [см. тж. Помещаться] The engine controls are housed in a separate capsule.

The avionics-and-control van houses all communications and control equipment.

The installation is sited next to a railway line.

Размещение [см. тж. Для размещения] То plan the location of factories,...

Placement of loudspeakers...

The siting of a power station...

Positioning of the coil centre...

Размещение объекта This should reduce costs and greatly ease siting problems.

Размещён The transmitters were positioned at various distances from...

Electrical controls are arranged on a panel.

Размещённые заказы There was a significant increase in orders placed by utility companies for new power reactors.

Размывать изображение These electrons come to a focus at a slightly different point and blur the image.

Размыкать 759(996) Размыкать A limit switch is fitted to break the primary circuit at...

The switch opens the contactor.

Размыкаться As the contacts begin to move apart (or open) the surface area that remains in contact begins to decrease.

Разница [см. Различие, Расхождение между, С той только разницей, что].

Разница должна быть устранена Any variation in the width between different ring grooves should be corrected.

Разница между The difference in tension between the tight and loose sides of a flat belt equals...

The difference in the magnitude of the five coefficients...

There is a significant disparity (or difference, or divergence, or discrepancy) between the grades of...

Wide variations in life between circuits that have different functions...

The distinction between heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures is an arbitrary one.

As yet nobody has been able to produce direct evidence of any structural difference among cones.

Разновидность [см. тж. Вариант] Emery is a greyish black variety of corundum containing...

A new version (or modification) of a phosphate coating chemical...

A variation of this method is to heat...

Разногласие по поводу There is some disagreement on the nature of the flow.

Разного цвета [см. Бывает разного цвета от... до].

Разноимённые Like magnetic poles repel and unlike magnetic poles attract.

Разнообразие [см. тж. Большое разнообразие] Examples of the great diversity of available switching plans are shown in Fig. 1.

The enormous variability in vapour and panicle content of the air...

The variety of bands results from the variety of different electronic states that can be...

Разнообразны [см. Весьма разнообразны, Исключительно разнообразны].

Разнообразные [см. тж. Весьма разнообразные формы, Выполнять самые разнообразные функции, Самые разнообразные] Three general classes of stainless steel have been developed to provide such varied properties.

The many and varied observations of...

This equation has many applications in a variety of fields.

The tool is capable of meeting a variety of requirements.

The use of boron has been patented for such diversified (or diverse) applications as in motor starting devices, phonograph needles,...

The development of a more diversified guidance system...

The diversified organisms which roam the land...

The DNA of viruses occurs in a diversity of molecular states.

Разнообразными способами Molecules are emitted from the comet's nucleus in a variety of fashions.

Разнообразных размеров Globules of assorted sizes are characteristic inclusions.

Разнородный 760(996) Разнородный This thermoelectric engine is based on the temperature differential between dissimilar metal plates.

Разность между The angular dispersion of a prism in the ratio of the difference in angular deviation of two rays...

The difference of two terms...

Разность потенциалов [см. тж. Падение напряжения на. Создавать разность потенциалов] Vd is the total voltage difference across the junction.

The voltage drop across the capacitor...

Разность температур The temperature difference (or drop, or differential, or gradient) across the element...

Разные [см. тж. Неодинаковые] When two dissimilar solids are in contact, they...

Three distinct mineral species are represented by this group.

Разные знаки [см. Противоположные по знаку].

Разные пути The same result may be obtained by alternative (or different) pathways.

Разный Items of dissimilar material are stored in separate bins.

Разными способами Boron nitride may be prepared in a number (or variety) of ways.

Разных размеров [см. Бывают разных размеров].

Разобранный [см. В разобранном виде, Разбирать].

Разового использования Metal inert gas welding uses consumable electrodes.

Разогрев [см. Прогрев].

Разойтись [см. Расходиться].

Разомкнутая цепь [см. Незамкнутая цепь].

Разрабатываемый Aircraft under development (or being developed)...

Разрабатывать [см. тж. Выводить закон, Конструировать, Проектировать, Создавать] Newton elaborated (or worked out) his own theory of gravitation.

In the second phase Kepler set up a theory for the longitudes of Mars.

When steel-making techniques were discovered...

Several hardness scales have been developed.

This technique was developed (or devised, or worked out, or evolved) originally for metallurgy.

A tentative hypothesis was devised.

To draw up (or elaborate, or develop, or work out, or map) a plan (or a programme),...

We formulate special compositions for ceramic bodies.

We are working up techniques for warm forging.

Разрабатывать в соответствии с индивидуальными потребностями The firm has custom engineered a new processing system.

Разрабатывать метод To devise a technique for measuring...

Разрабатывать методику 761(996) New methods of energy conversion are being devised.

A method is currently being sought to induce vortex breakdown behind wide-bodied transport jets.

Разрабатывать методику The general procedure for constructing the modes of... was laid down in Section 13-5.

Разрабатывать на основе A workshop instrument has been developed from the original design.

Разрабатывать проблему He is working on the use of the system as an aid in...

Разрабатывать теорию To evolve (or develop, or work out, or elaborate, or devise) a theory.

Разрабатывать эксперимент Experiments must be devised (or worked out) to test this suggestion.

Разрабатывать шахту To work a mine.

Разрабатываться I Doppler radar, laser anemometers, and acoustic detectors have been developed for measuring both the strength and the location of vortices.

Extra low-temperature enamels are under development (or are being developed).

Разрабатываться II These petroleum resources are already under development.

Разработан [см. тж. Недостаточно разработав] A variety of new experimental tests of gravitation theories has been devised.

This method is due to Landau.

The procedure was worked up by our firm.

Разработан в... году This classification dates from 1894.

Разработан по типу The theory is patterned after QED.

Разработанный No other system so far devised (or developed, or elaborated) can give such an effect.

The process evolved by them...

An alternative method, due to Pauling, makes use of...

Разработанный на основе The machines developed from a smaller twin-wheel tool grinder...

The instrument, which stems from the one designed for...

Разработка [см. Находиться в стадии разработки] The elaboration of a successful theory...

Разрастаться в Rapidly, this information snowballed into an enormous accumulation of details.

As a result the polyacrylamide grows into a complex web of interconnected loops and branches.

Разрез [см. тж. В разрезе] A sectional view of a phonograph cutter is shown in Fig. 15.

Figure 3 is a section through the converter.

Разрезать на 762(996) Разрезать на The foil was cut into squares.

Разрешается It is permissible to run mains and alarm leads in a single conduit.

Разрешать The local legislature authorized the construction of the canal.

Разрешать противоречие The presence of deep-earth gas could resolve this contradiction.

Разрешать сомнение Computer studies may settle this doubt.

Разрешать спор Published experimental work has resolved this controversy.

Разрешённый [см. Допустимый].

Разрешимая проблема A tractable problem.

Разрешить вопрос Our laboratory may be capable of laying this question to rest (or solving this question).

Разрушать [см. тж. Нарушать] Moderate earthquake motions can collapse (or destroy) walls and...

Such tumours are destructive to adjacent tissues.

Only molten alkali metals and gaseous fluorine at high temperatures and pressures attack TFE resin.

The maximum stress applied to rupture the material is called ultimate stress.

Such forces of expansion can break down the strongest material.

Разрушать окружающую среду To destroy the environment.

Разрушать связь (хим.) This process breaks (or ruptures) one of the two carbon-carbon bonds.

Разрушаться The atom would collapse on collision with the sphere.

Sudden forcing may cause the grinding wheel to disintegrate.

The material will fail if the load is applied and removed many times.

It was believed that titanium strip would rupture in drawing.

Разрушаться вследствие A short compression member may fail by twisting of the section.

Rock is broken up by chemical action.

Разрушен As the comet approached the earth it was disrupted by gravitational forces.

Разрушение [см. тж. Испытывать до разрушения, Подвергаться механическому разрушению] Collapse of a crystal...

The chemical weathering of these minerals involves the disruption of their structures.

High temperatures cause disintegration of the electrode material.

Breakage of rock by explosives.

Разрушение вследствие 763(996) The breakdown of the coating...

Severe damage to homes was announced.

This would lead to a complete shattering of the oxygen atom.

Break-up, Degradation...

Failure of walls or other effects of blast...

Some fracture of the rock will occur.

Разрушение вследствие Failure by local buckling or by twisting...

Разрушившийся The pieces of the failed pan...

Mechanically degraded rocks...

Разрыв во времени между There is no time lag between pressure and density changes.

The lapse of 30 years between invention and production of...

Разрыв связей The breaking (or rupture, or disruption, or dissociation) of hydrogen bonds...

Разрывать на части Reactions in which molecules are torn (or pulled) apart and new ones are assembled...

Разрывать связи To break (or rupture, or disrupt) bonds in complex proteins...

Разрываться The bond may finally disrupt (or be disrupted).

Разрывное усилие [см. Находящийся под действием разрывного усилия].

Разряжаться на The capacitor discharges into the primary circuit.

Разумеется [см. Излишне говорить, что;

Само собой разумеется, что].

Разумно This problem must be dealt with intelligently.

It would be prudent (or reasonable, or proper) to begin thinking now about...

Разумно выбранный A judiciously chosen spectral band...

Разумно задать вопрос A rational question at this point is: If so much is known about earthquakes, why cannot they be prevented?

Разумно предположить, что The basalt is rich in calcium, and seawater contains less calcium, so that it is reasonable (or it stands to reason) that the sea-water would take calcium out of the rock.

It is reasonable (or appropriate) to suggest (or assume) that this sequence may reflect...

Разумное использование Supplement evaporation by judicious (or rational) use of chemicals...

Разумное существо If there were any sentient beings on that planet,...

Разумный If intelligent feed-water treatment is exercised,...

Разупорядоченный (антон. Упорядоченный) 764(996) The judicious use of antidepressants is recommended.

This is an absurd idea for a panicle but completely rational for trains of waves.

Such calculations provide reasonable explanations for the observed formation of...

This is a sound statement.

Разупорядоченный (антон. Упорядоченный) The lattice structure of glass is highly disordered (anton. ordered).

Разъедать [см. тж. Коррелировать] The aqueous solution of HF rapidly attacks glass and most metals.

A nail will be eaten up if dropped into an acid.

Разъединять The quarks are bound so lightly that they cannot be pried apart.

To separate the molecules completely...

Разъяснение [см. Нуждаться в объяснении].

Разъяснять In that paper he clarified his ideas.

As was made clear (or explained) in the previous chapter,...

I will enlighten you upon many features of...

Ракета [см. Установленный на ракете].

Ракета для исследования Луны (Марса) A lunar (Martian) probe.

Ракета на лазерной энергии The system is a laser-powered spherical rocket whose payload is...

Рамки [см. В рамках. Выходить за рамки].

Ранее To study one-photon forbidden transitions to hitherto (or previously) inaccessible electronically excited molecular states,...

The sources discussed previously (or before)...

Ранний период [см. В начале развития].

Ранний этап [см. На раннем этапе развития].

Раньше [см. тж. В прошлом, До, Значительно раньше, чем;

Одно время] Previously (or Formerly) we said that...

Раскалывать Water freezing in a crack in the rock will tend to split the rock apart.

Раскалываться Great stresses cause hard rock to break apart.

Раскладывать The airship envelope is spread out on the floor of the hangar.

Раскручивание This substance is known to serve in unwinding superhelical molecules.

Раскрывать These sea shells cannot be pried loose when given warning.

Раскрывать возможности 765(996) Раскрывать возможности This feature of laser-excited atomic fluorescence spectrometry unveils its potential as a trace element analytical technique.

Раскрывать природу молекулы The results of these measurements are a guide to the nature of (or reveal the nature of) the molecule.

Раскрывать тайны материи Our efforts to unravel the secrets of matter...

Раскрытие This phenomenon can be understood only by untangling the intricate relations among temperature, viscosity, and...

Распад [см. тж. При разложении] The tyrosine formed undergoes further degradation (or breakdown, or disintegration).

Распад кометы Disruption (or Break-up) of a comet.

Распад на элементы Bi2S3 is not very stable, and decomposition to the elements takes place slightly above 100°C.

Распадаться I [см. тж. Разлагаться] The five d orbitals break up into two sets.

The gas has to dissociate into single atoms.

A -meson decays (or breaks down) into several charged particles.

These silicone fluids do not decompose into gums or tars.

Glucose is broken down into carbon dioxide and water with the release of energy.

The glucose-phosphate compound breaks down to pyruvic and acetic acids.

The crystal broke into three pieces.

The hydrogen molecules are dissociated (or degraded) to hydrogen atoms in the arc.

The substance of that star disintegrated and spread out into space.

Распадаться II These graphs fall into two groups.

Распадаться с образованием Samarium 147 decays to yield neodymi-um 143.

Расплываться When a drop strikes a surface, it spreads out.

Расплывчатый The term chromatin is broad and indefinite.

Располагать [см. тж. Размещать] Mendeleev arranged the 63 known elements in eight groups.

Suppose a number of electrically charged particles have been set out in some definite configuration.

It remains only to locate pairs of Geiger counters.

It is desirable to position (or locate, or accommodate, or place) the atomizers so that...

The order in which we have listed the sec-lions in the table...

Располагать в порядке трудности The problems in the text are graded in difficulty.

Располагать далеко друг от друга 766(996) Располагать далеко друг от друга The two parts of the loop are as widely separated as possible.

Располагать информацией If information on... is available,...

Располагать основными сведениями о You must know the basics of flight before you venture aloft alone.

Располагать под небольшим углом к The rolls are slightly skewed with respect to the longitudinal axis of the work.

Располагать последовательно Several accelerators are lined up (or arranged) in series.

Располагаться [см. тж. Находиться] The figure shows how these detergents line up in water.

How are subatomic particles arranged within the atom?

The waves align themselves on a straight line.

The molecules are aligned so that charged plates attract oppositely charged ends of dipole.

Atomic p orbilals that lie along the molecular axis...

The tanks are arranged (or positioned, or located, or placed) horizontally.

The anthracene data fall on a straight line.

Располагаться в виде The regions of star formation are arranged in a spiral galaxy.

Располагаться в определённом порядке The beads fall into a certain order.

Располагаться в том же порядке, что и The transition lines are ordered like the expected components of a rotation-vibration band.

Располагаться в форме шестиугольника The six carbon atoms are arranged in a hexagon.

Располагаться вокруг Groups of atoms are arranged about the central carbon atom.

Располагаться группами The species included in the tables are arranged by groups.

Располагаться на Some of these bodies took up orbits around Saturn.

Располагаться над [см. Над... расположен].

Расположен [см. тж. В... расположен, Находиться, Установлен] When installing the thermometer, the tip should be arranged (or placed, or sited) as near as possible to...

Loudspeakers are so disposed as to give a three-dimensional effect.

Pollution sources should not be located in valleys.

The luminous reaction zone occurs very close to the solid surface.

The cabins may be placed (or located, or sited) near the mill.

The thermocouple is positioned in the outflow pipe.

The atomizers are positioned to apply a multi -colour finish.

The blade is set at right angles to the handle.

The screw is situated at the rear of the clamp.

The turns are spaced 1/8 in. apart (or at 1/8 in. intervals).

Расположен бесконечно далеко от 767(996) Four sets of burners are patterned around the inner periphery of each furnace section.

When atoms are arranged in a solid...

Volcanic islands often occur in long, straight chains.

The boxes are aligned (or arranged) parallel to the optic axis of the telescope.

Расположен бесконечно далеко от The apex of the cone is infinitely distant from the base.

Расположен в виде геометрической фигуры The bonds are arranged in a symmetrical geometric pattern.

Расположен далеко от This taxonomic group is far removed from the taxon to which the genus Escherichia belongs.

Расположен между Intervening between the black bands are layers of bright or dull coal.

Расположен на The fluidized bed rests on a travelling grate.

Расположен над [см. Над... расположен].

Расположен под углом к A"Angular" means that the strata of one rock group are set at an angle to the strata of the other group.

Расположен таким образом, что The liquid crystal molecules are aligned with their long axes parallel to the electrode surface.

Расположение [см. тж. Важно только знать расположение, Взаимное расположение, Положение, Пространственное расположение] Diamagnelic anisotropy is dependent on the alignment of the molecule in the magnetic field.

When melting occurs the regular arrangement in the crystalline lattice becomes the random array of particles of the liquid.

The disposition of the dikes in the rock...

The layout of material in the book...

Engines differ in the positioning (or arrangement) of their cylinders.

The layout of the section is shown in Fig. 4.

Расположение... вдоль и против направления Lining up the nuclear moments with and against the magnetic field...

Расположенные близко друг к другу Electronic interactions may occur among closely spaced groups (or groups located in close proximity).

Расположенные в соответствующем порядке The illusion of motion can be created by sequentially illuminating stationary objects of similar shape arranged in an appropriate pattern.

Расположенные далеко друг от друга Specially designed equipment has been set up in two widely separated (or spaced ) locations.

Расположенные друг на друге There are actually three spectra on top of one another.

Расположенные на равном расстоянии (друг от друга) A series of regularly (or equally, or evenly) spaced lines...

Расположенные на расстоянии... друг от друга [см. тж. На расстоянии... друг от друга]. 768(996) Расположенные на расстоянии... друг от друга [см. тж. На расстоянии... друг от друга].

The computers actuate transformers and solid-state switches positioned at one-mile intervals along the guideway.

Conducting brushes are spaced at intervals of... cm.

Расположенные по обе стороны The cromaffin masses disposed bilaterally along the dorsal aorta... (biol.).

Расположенные последовательно An assembly of two cushions in tandem is designated "CC".

The cooler consisted of two shell-and-tube units in series.

Расположенный [см. тж. Атомы, расположенные в узлах;

Беспорядочно расположенные;

Находящийся] The furnace consists of several hearths arranged (or positioned, or situated, or located, or placed) one above the other.

The roof sprays consist of three rows of 14 nozzles disposed along the length of the building.

Ultrasonic energy is obtained from a generator housed in the base.

Расположенный в центре Each flagellum consists of a circle of paired microtubules surrounding one centrally located pair.

Расположенный вблизи [см. Близко расположенный, Близлежащий].

Расположенный далеко [см. Далеко расположенный].

Расположенный дальше от The choice is more limited for dyes farther away from the centre of the visible region.

Расположенный на далеком расстоянии A remotely located command station...

Расположенный поблизости [см. тж. Близко расположенный, Близлежащий] Reflections occur from lenses, nearby instruments, and so on.

Расположенный рядом с The hydrogen atom adjacent to the car-bonyl group...

Расположены близко друг к другу The housing for the photomultiplier and the lamp should be close together (or to each other) (or closely spaced).

Расположены близко или далеко друг от друга The boards are spaced closely and widely.

The anodes and cathodes could be close together or far apart.

Расположены в виде The hydroxyl ions are arranged to form (or in the form of ) a tetrahedron.

Расположены в виде кольца A compound in which six carbons are arranged in a ring...

Расположены далеко друг от друга The atoms are far apart (from each other).

Расположены на... расстоянии друг от друга Identically oriented antennas are separated (or spaced at) 500 ft (or are 500 ft apart).

Расположены параллельно (друг другу) The optic axes of the binocular halves must be (aligned) parallel (to each other).

Расположены по обе стороны 769(996) Расположены по обе стороны The chromaffin masses are disposed bilaterally along the dorsal aorta and...

Расположены через промежутки в [см. тж. На расстоянии, Расположены на расстоянии...

друг от друга] The repeater stations are located at intervals of 165 miles.

Распределение по I The distribution of the molecules throughout the available energy levels...

The radial distribution of bound-ray power over the core cross section...

Распределение по II The distribution of coal by rank, geologic age, and district...

Распределение по высоте The distribution of electrons with height can thus be measured.

Распределение по размерам The size distribution of the oil fields...

Распределение по сезонам The distribution of water from season to season...

Распределение по уровням The distribution of gas molecules over (or throughout) the energy levels...

Распределение пор по размерам Pore-size distribution.

Распределение ресурсов The allocation of resources.

Распределённый среди The positive ions uniformly distributed among the negative ones...

Распределять Special equipment to spread the load among the three phases of a power line...

To distribute the load uniformly over the entire area of...

Распределять между The available water is allocated to those who need it most.

Распределяться между Light power is distributed among(st) all bound and leaky rays.

The book is out of print.

Распространение Resistance to crack propagation...

The propagation of radio waves.

To prevent the transmission of vibration,...

Распространение информация Our aims are collection and dissemination of information on...

Распространение на [см. Обобщение на].

Распространение света The propagation of light.

Распространены по всему миру These environments are distributed throughout the world.

Распространён [см. Наиболее распространен]. 770(996) These mollusks are world-wide in their distribution (or are distributed worldwide, or throughout the world).

Распространён [см. Наиболее распространен].

Распространён среди This disease is common in elderly women.

Распространённость The incidence of mental disorders in the USA is hard to assess.

Распространённость в земной коре Both metals have roughly the same crustal abundance.

The abundance (or The occurrence) of this element in the Earth's crust...

Распространённость в природе The natural occurrence of boron...

Распространённость во всём мире The global abundance of uranium...

Распространённость на земле The terrestrial (natural) abundance of deuterium is 1 part in 6700 parts of ordinary hydrogen.

Распространённый [см. тж. Наиболее распространенный, Широкораспро-странённый среди] Naturally occurring carbonates are the most abundant of the calcium minerals.

One popular error is to regard the absolute zero as...

Распространённый во всём мире This is an extinct group of Cambrian organisms with world-wide distribution.

Распространять The Office will distribute a list of authors among...

Распространять на The qualitative conclusions regarding... can be carried over (or extended) to liquids and solids.

All attempts to extend the approach to atoms with more than one electron were unsuccessful.

We can extend this model to a broad spectrum of covalent species.

The summation should be extended over the possible combinations of arguments.

This enables the results to be extended to cover (or include) the finite currents.

Within the past ten years the use of seismic survey methods has been extended into the field of...

Распространяться [см. тж. Проходить через. Свет распространяется со скоростью] The waves would propagate (or progress) downward.

Strain energy is propagated through the rocks.

The crack propagated at a high rate.

Each end of the crack is drilled so that the crack will not spread.

The flame travels forward.

The two rays of light travel at different velocities.

The shock wave travels (or is propagated) through the ground.

Solar radiation streams out in all directions from the Sun.

Распространяться волнообразно Light travels in waves.

Распространяться на I The rate at which the flame advances into the combustible mixture...

Распространяться на II 771(996) Practical applications of the method are expanding to other casting fields.

The atmosphere extends for about 200 miles above the surface of the Earth.

Распространяться на II The term "chilled iron" spreads to the part-while, part-grey types of cast iron.

This requirement does not cover (or extend to) bacterial spores.

The guarantee cannot be extended to cases of mechanical damage.

Распространяться на большие расстояния The wave runs to great distances.

Распространяться на... километров These disturbances may extend for many kilometres from the airplane.

Распространяться по всему The disturbance extends over the whole space.

Devonian reefs ranged across central Europe and...

Распространяться по поверхности воды Ripples caused by a stone dropped into water travel out in all directions over the surface of the water.

Распространяться через As the optical signal traverses the sample,...

Распространяющийся в воздухе Air-borne sound...

Рассеивать... в форме тепла The eddies dissipate their mechanical energy as heat.

Рассеивать страх Even the economic revival did not dispel this fear.

Рассеивать тепло Fluorocarbon resins do not rapidly absorb and dissipate heat generated in cutting.

Рассеиваться Because the heat cannot be dissipated to the surroundings,...

An X-ray beam is scattered by (or from) the sample.

Рассеиваться на... угол The electrons may be scattered through large angles.

Рассечён If a right circular cone is sliced by a plane parallel to its base,...

Рассеяние вперёд Forward scattering of particles...

Рассеяние на X-ray scattering by (or from) electrons...

Рассеяние частицами (или на частицах) The scattering of light by (or from) the particles...

Рассеянный на Secondary electrons scattered from (or by) the quartz are collected at...

Рассматриваемый [см. тж. В рассматриваемом случае, В рассматриваемый период, Изучаемый, Интересующий нас, Исследуемый] In the range covered the curves are in good agreement with experiment.

Рассматриваемый ниже 772(996) The device is best suited to the problem in (or at) hand [or (being) considered (or studied, or investigated)].

This quantity can be obtained from the phase diagram of the system involved (or of interest).

The range under consideration (or in question, or under review, or under examination, or under investigation, or under study, or under discussion)...

Рассматриваемый ниже These processes employ one or more of the steps discussed below.

Рассматривать I [см. тж. Изучать, Исследовать, Обсуждать] We shall cover these compounds in the next chapter.

Here we examine the combined effect of...

We shall deal with this subject in the next chapter.

To fully appreciate the significance of these data, each aspect of the genetical processes must first be scrutinized.

The question could be approached from two angles.

In this paper we will not concern ourselves with those problems.

We have considered this problem carefully.

Mechanics treats of the action of forces and their effect.

Since subtraction is the same process as addition, subtraction is not treated separately here.

We will now look at the basic principles used in fluid logic.

Let us take a look at the individual components of...

The formation and properties of shock waves will be discussed in the following chapter.

The effect of these differences on... will be covered later.

At the moment enzyme catalysis forms a separate subject;

we shall not take it up here.

The next section takes care of Case 1.

The durability of the material must be viewed from two standpoints - the mechanical and the electrical.

Рассматривать II When an object is viewed with both eyes, it looks like...

Рассматривать III This series can be considered a result of the substitution of...

Then luminiferous ether could be viewed as an exceedingly subtle gas.

Рассматривать более внимательно We will first look more closely at the mechanical weathering processes.

Рассматривать в микроскоп If a colloidal dispersion is viewed through a microscope,...

Рассматривать довольно подробно In the preceding chapters we considered at some length (or in some detail) the materials of...

Рассматривать как A ton can be considered as a unit of volume.

Some scientists look (up)on matter as being concentrated energy.

The photons can be thought of as a wave with...

The shock front constitutes a sufficiently sharp transition to be regarded (or viewed) as a mathematical discontinuity.

We take it as convincing evidence that single heavy atoms are...

The ions in certain salts may not be treated as hard spheres.

These trajectories are seen as the shortest paths that...

The theory treats these forces as different manifestations of...

Рассматривать как будто бы он 773(996) Рассматривать как будто бы он The small increases in pressure can be treated as if they obeyed the acoustic approximation.

The motion of the piston may be thought of as divided into a number of moments.

Рассматривать по-новому Since the confirmation of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, physicists have taken a new view of gravitation.

Рассматривать с точки зрения A crystal can be inspected for elements of symmetry.

Рассматриваться I [см. тж. Рассматривать, Считаться] An isolated hydrogen atom can be treated as a composite boson.

This force can be considered as a spring force.

The problem of the nature of the real-number line is viewed quite differently by adherents to...

Рассматриваться II [см. тж. Обсуждаться] The previous chapter discussed (or was concerned with) perturbations due to...

These questions are the concern of the present chapter.

This subject will be dealt with (or taken up) in the next chapter.

Consideration is being given to the use of shapes other than...

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