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«Менеджмент и маркетинг Текущие научные проблемы Восточной Европы РЕДАКЦИЯ: МАРТА ЮЩИК Lublin ...»

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Summaries 3. INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT FOR CORPORATE MANAGEMENT WITH THE AIRCRAFT SECTOR (Lytvyn A.) The essence and composition of the institutional support for corporate governance and the process of economic cooperation between the air-transport companies were investigated, the models for creation of non-state pension funds are considered. The sectoral model for creation of corporate pension funds in the air-transport industry is offered. The schemes of corporate participation of the air-transport companies and their employees in the capital of the corporate pension funds have been worked out.

4. MANAGING THE STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT OF AGRICULTURAL ENTERPRISES: THE SYNERGETIC ASPECT (Sudomyr S.) The author outlines a role of synergy approach to development of the agricultural sector of economy. The current state of the strategic development of enterprise is reviewed, and methodological approaches to the formation of organizations as a systematic compound in the context of the requirements of the synergy effect. The components of the capacity of general management are systematized and supplemented. The main changes in the components of management are developed.

5. FORMATION OF INFORMATION BASE FOR ENTERPRISE ACTIVITIES OPERATING MANAGEMENT (Gerasymenko V.) The article is devoted to stating the methods of perfecting the information base of operating management. The main attention is paid to budgeting as the most effective way of gathering and analyzing the information necessary for management..

6. ENTREPRENEURIAL APPROACH TO ENTERPRISE RESTRUCTURING (Loban L., Mieszajkina E.) The problems of enterprises restructuring have been risen. The essence of the restructuring process is defined, the reasons causing it and the barriers to successful implementation have been pointed. The necessity of using an entrepreneurial approach to the development of the restructuring program and its implementation have been described. The scope of restructuring actions (technical and technological, Менеджмент и маркетинг. Текущие научные проблемы Восточной Европы organizational, legal, administrative, personnel, financial, property) has been characterized. It has been shown that the actions in all areas are interconnected, so the is the need for a comprehensive restructuring program 7. QUALITY OF ENTERPRISE RESTRUCTURING WITHIN THE AIRCRAFT SECTOR (Skuz A.) In the article it is considered adaptation of enterprises, corporations and whole industries of aviation sector of Ukrainian industry to the market conditions is a major problem of domestic economy. Adaptation of production aviation complexes is arrived at by making and adequate to the market of the program of restructuring the basic criterion of which is achievements of the expected result are dynamic and steady growth of volume of sales products, and services of domestic airline enterprises, in the world market.

8. GROUNDING THE NECESSITY FOR COOPERATION BETWEEN LIGHT AIRCRAFT OWNERS (Zaderaka N.) In this work it is considered particularities and perspectives of light aviation development. It is substantiated the necessity of light aircrafts owners interaction organization as one of the obvious steps to prolongation of their operation. It is defined the classification of light aircrafts classification.

9. NETWORK-CENTRIC MANAGEMENT OF AIRCRAFT COMPANY SECURITY (Kosarev A., Gerasymchuk Y.) The main sense and specifics in economic security of the airlines were explored in the article, the role of airline's top-management innovative knowledge described as strategic resource and network centric concept in managing economic security of the airline.

Summaries 10. CONGRUENCE OF ECONOMIC INTERESTS IN MANAGEMENT OF AIRCRAFT COMPANY (Kosarev A., Paryi W.) In the article there are key principles of interaction of aviation enterprises on the basis of valuable management for the purpose of maintenance of a sustainable development of the enterprise by harmonization with participants of environment. It contains concludes that in the present conditions of the foundation to become an airline consumer customer value, which is the basis for the adoption of any economic agent decision to purchase a product / service. The proposed concept of restructuring the Air Transport is a modern approach to the development of the air transport market. It includes co-creation of value as a result of personalized interaction, which is only relevant for a particular consumer.

11. EFFICIENCY OF MARKETING ACTIVITIES OF AGROINDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES IN UKRAINE: QUANTITATIVE INDICATORS (Levkiv G.) Proposed to systematize the concept of "key indicators of marketing activities."An analysis of marketing performance indicators of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine Has been made. Calculated their dynamics over the years 2000-2011 and the impact on the effectiveness of marketing activities of agricultural enterprises.

12. CONCEPTS FORMATION FOR INTERNAL MARKETING AT SERVICE ENTERPRISES (Sagaidak M.) Stages in the development of internal marketing theory are considered. The interpretation of the category “labour force” is carried out from the viewpoint of marketing. The interrelation between internal marketing, personnel marketing and personnel management system is analyzed. Approaches to formation of internal branding as a component of internal marketing are studied.

Менеджмент и маркетинг. Текущие научные проблемы Восточной Европы 13. MARKETING TOOLKIT FOR INCREASING THE EFFECIENCY OF A RESEARCH INSTITUTE (THE STUDY CASE OF THE INSTITUTE OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING) (Levchenko O., Harkuta E.) This article covered the marketing opportunities for improvement of company. As an example Institute of Mechanical Engineering was analyzed in the field of productivity, internal and external environment of the processed data based company. For proposed measures to improve the efficiency of activities 14. SMALL ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN BELARUS (Mieszajkina E.) The essence and role of small business in the economic development of the country has been revealed. Business activity forms in the Republic of Belarus has been presented.

The characteristics of individual entrepreneurship has been given, the benefits and challenges of this form of business has been presented. The development of entrepreneurship in Belarus has been analyzed, the state and development of the small business sector has been estimated. The need of effective management of the development of small business in the country has been pointed.

15. INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT IN ENTERPRISES (Milosz E., Koziel G.) In chapter characterized the importance of information as a key resource organization, principles and stages of development of information security. The methodology of Total Information Security Management - TISM, principles of information security policy has been shown.. Presented normative and experimental approach to the implementation of information security management system. Using international research a comparative analysis of the results of surveys of CIOs and security specialists.

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