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Summary Bespalov A. Y., Zvartau E. E. Neuropsycopharmacology of NMDA-receptor antagonists. St. Petersburg, Nevsky Dialect, 2000, 297 p., illustrated.

The monograph explores the newly emerging perspectives on medical use of antagonists acting at NMDA-subtypes of glutamate receptors. Comparative analysis of site-selective NMDA receptor antagonists is substantiated by the specific information on organization and functional characteristics of NMDA receptor complex. Several theoretical frameworks ("intra-drug" conditioning, general adaptive NMDA receptor activation, associationistic "stimulus-response" theory) are suggested to support and further develop the empirically derived principles of drug design based on NMDA receptor blockade.

The book is intended for biomedical and clinical researchers whose primary interests are theoretical and applied neuropsychopharmacology and drug additiction, as well as for undergraduate and graduate students interested in the glutamatergic mechanisms of physiological and pathological processes in the CNS.

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