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, .................................................

Pseudom onas., *** Pseudom onas .......................... Pseudom onas................................................................ ............................................... Pseudom onas aeruginosa (Schroeter 1872) M igula 1900 P s e u d o m o n a s.................................................................................... Pseudom onas (Pseudom onas aurantiaca Nakhim ovskaya, 1948 . 159;

Pseudom onas aureofaciens Kluyver, 1956 c. 165;

P seudo m onas chloraphis (G uignard and Sauvegeau, 1894) Bergey, H arri son, Breed, Ham m er and H untoon, 1930 c. 166;

Pseeudom onas le monnieri (L asseur) Breed, 948. . 167;

I, III, V, Pseudom onas fluorescens c. 169;

VI Pseudom onas fluores cens. c. 172;

Pseudom onas fluoro-violaceus Kiprianova. Boiko, 1972 c. 175;

He (Pseudom onas putida (T revisan), 1889 M igulaa, 1895 c. 176;

Pseudo m onas taetrolens H aynes 1957 Pseudom onas lundensis Molin, Torn...................................................

strom and U rsing, 1986 c. 180) P seudom onas . ..................................................................... I P s e u d o m o n a s........................................................................................................... (Pseudom onas alcaligenes M onias, 1928 . 188;

P seudom onas pseudoalca ligenes Stanier, 1966 c. 188;

Pseudom onas stutzeri (Lehm ann and Neu m ann, 1896) Sijderius, 1946 c. 192;

Pseudom onas m endocina Palleroni, 1970 c. 194;

Pseudom onas fragi (Eichholz, 1902) Cruber, 1905 c. 195;

Pseudom onas denitrificans Bergey et al., 1923 c. 200;

Pseudom onas rathonis, G ray and Thornton, 1928 c. 201) P s e u d o m o n a s............................................................... Pseudom onas cepacia (ex B urkholder, 1950) Palleroni and Holmes, 1981 III IV P s e u d o m o n a s................................ Pseudom onas.......................................................................................... ....................................................... Sum m ary *................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................ CONTENTS Introduction ............................................................................................................... C hapter A brief essay on the history of classification of bacteria of the Pseudomonas genus.. III.... I I, I. C hapter The structure of DNA and systematics..................................................................... C hapter The genus diagnosis and some biological peculiarities of Pseudomonads M orphological and cytological properties *.. .. * Peculiarities of nitrogen and carbon nutritio n C hapter Certain enzymes of Pseudomonads and their taxonomic significance... C hapter Chemotaxonomic characters.,................................ The ubiquinone system,, ................................................................................. L i p i d s..................................................................................................................................... Lipopolysaccharides and hopanes............................................................................. E x o p o ly s a c c h a r id e s.................................................................................................. C hapter Sensitivity of bacteria of the Pseudomonas genus to antibiotics and other antimicrobial c o m p o u n d s................................................................................................ Chapter Numerical studies in systematics of Pseudomonads Chapter Antibiotic substances produced by the bacteria of Pseudomonas genus Antibiotics of acyclic s t r u c t u r e.

......................... A ntibiotics of arom atic stru ctu re......................................................................... Antibiotically activt pigm ents of the phenazine group....... Other heterocyclic antibiotics, am inoglycosides and m onobactam s.. * \\\ C h a p te r Bacteriocin-Iike substances of Bacteria of the Pseudomonas genus... Chapter The use of antibiolic properties of Pseudom onads for biological control of p lan t D i s e a s e s.................................................................................................................... 13 C hapter The taxonom ic structure and identification of the fluorescent group micro organism s of the genus P s e u d o m o n a s.................................................................... The saprophytic species which liquefy gelatin..........

Pseudom onas aeruginosa (Schroeter 1872) M igula 1900 the type species of the g e n u s.........................................................................................

Other fluorescent Pseudom onads which liquefy gelatin (Pseudom o nas aurantiaca Nakhim ovskaya 1948 p. 159;

Pseudom onas aureo faciens Kluyver 1956 p. 165;

Pseudom onas chlororaphis (G uignard and Sauvegeau 1894) Bergey, H arrison, Breed, H am m er and Hun toon 1930 p. 166;

Pseudom onas lemonnieri (Lasseur) Breed 1948 p. 167;

biovars I, III, V of pseudom onas fluorescens p. 169;

biovar VI of Pseudom onas fluorescens Pseudom onas fluoro-vio laceus K iprianova, Boiko 1972 p. 1 7 5 )...............................................

The fluorescent saprophytic species which do not liquefy gelatin (Pseudom onas putida (Trevisan) M igula 1895 p. 176;

Pseudom o nas taetrolens H aynes 1957 and Pseudom onas lundensis Molin, Ternstrom and U rsing 1986 p. 1 8 0 )................................................

Phytopathogenic fluorescent bacteria of the genus Pseudom onas... In tern al subdivision and nom enclature of the fluorescent group m icro organism s....................................................................................... C hapter Classification and identification of nonfluorescent b acteria of section I of the genus P s e u d o m o n a s................................................................................................... (Pseudom onas alcaligenes M onias, 1928. c. 188;

P seudom onas pseudoalca ligenes Stanier, 1966. c. 188;

Pseudom onas stutzeri (Lehm ann and N eu m ann,. 1896) Sijderius, 1946. c. 192;

Pseudom onas m endocina Palleroni, 1970. c. 194;

Pseudom onas fragi (Eichholz, 1902) G ruber, 1905. c. 195;

Pseudom onas denitrificans Bergey et al., 1923. c. 200;

Pseudom onas rathonis G ray and Thornton, 1928. c. 201) C hapter Species of other sections of the genus Pseudom onas 204;

Pseudom onas cepacia (ex Burkholder, 1950) Palleroni and Holmes, M icroorganism s of sections III and IV of the genus Pseudom onas Chapter Certain practical recom m endations for isolation and identification of Pseudom onads. * . .......................................... Conclusion a,.......................................................... i S u m m a r y.................................................................................................................................. References.........................................................,............................................................. PSEUDOMONAS . . . . . . . . . .

07.12.89. . . 13.09.90. , , N 1. 60x90/16. . . . :

b . . . 16,5-4-0,56 . . , . .

. 17,0. . .-. 17,5. .-. , 20,8, 800 . 94160. 4 . 50 .

252601 4, , . 252057, , . , 3 . 292310, , , . , 8, . 3610.

. 3. pH F 360 [177].

P s e u d o m o n a s flu o re s ce ns, . d im in u t a P. testoste ron i : ( P. flu o re s c e n s ), ( P. flu o re s c e n s ) . 4. Pseudomonas :

. fluorescens 1152, 15000;

Comaraonas acidovorans 2863, X 15 ;

X anthom onas rnalf ophil , 15000;

. pseudoalcaligenes 2523, 12 500;

P. alcaligenes 3099, 12 500;

P. stutzeri 1979, X2UOOO . 5. P. cepacia 3189 () Pseudomonas species (), 16 . 6. P. stu tz e ri 3000, X 30 . 9. , P s e u d o m o n a s . 10. , * Comamonas terrigena NCIB 2582, NCI 258 .

NCI 81931 CCUG 12940 (36) acidovorans (1), . testosteroni NCTC 10698 (2) . compranso ris, DSM 1231 (7), V.

alcaligenes NCTC 92 (8), V. cyclosites ATCC 1435 (9) [106], 9* . 11. [396].

( ), 2 P. a e ru g in o sa, P. a e ru g in o sa 1 ( /), P. a eru g in o sa 1 (2), P. flu o resc en s 949 13 ( 3 4), P. a e ru g in o sa PA O l, 103 (5), P. a e ru g in o sa Cl (6), P. a eru g in o sa Cl (7), E scherichia coli, CGSC 6041, CGSC 6044 PC 0479 (810), P. p sen d o m allei ATCC ( / / ), P. s o la n a c e a ru m ATCC 11696 (12), P. p u tid a ATCC 4359 ATCC (13, 14), S a lm o n e lla ty p h im u riu m LT2, SGSC 206 SGSC (15, 16), P. a e ru g in o sa ATCC 8689 (17), P. a e ru g in o sa PAOl, H103 (17), P. c h lo ro ra p h is ATCC 9446 (21), P. a e ru g in o sa ATCC 19305 (22), P. a e r u g i n o sa Z6 (23), P. a u re o fa cien s ATCC 13985 (24). P. s y rin g a e ATCC 19310 (25), P. a e ru g in o sa 349 (26), X. m a lto p h ilia ATCC 13637 (27), P. s tu tz e ri ATCC 17588 (28), P. a e ru g in o sa H223 (29), P. a eru g in o sa AK 1012 AK (30, 31) . 14. P seu d o m o n a s:

, ;

1 P. a e r u g in o s a 4000, 2 P. flu o r e sc e n s 1602, 3 P. a u ra n tia ca 31, 4 . flu o r o -v io la c e u s 2698, 5 . flu o r e sc e n s 19, 6 . a u r e o fa c ie n s 2116, 7 . le m o n ieri 2693, 8 . p u tid a 1608, 9 . s y r in g a e 1950, 10 P. ce p a c ia 4137, 11 P. stu t zeri 4136, 12 P. m en d o cin a . 15. P seu d o m o n a s.

, . 14.

. 22. . aurantiaca 387, P. taetro lens 4006. ( / ), . fragi 4002 (2), . fluorescens 4125 2612 (3, 4), . mendocina 4128 (5) . 23. X. m alto philia 424, X. m a l tophilia 4131.

P. flu o r e sc e n s 4125, 2303, . le m o n n ie ri

2111, 2088, . s tu tz e r i 4005, P. p se u d o a lc a lig e n e s 4134 2523 ( ) . 24. 5798.


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