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«ФЕДЕРАЛЬНОЕ АГЕНТСТВО СВЯЗИ Федеральное государственное образовательное бюджетное учреждение высшего профессионального образования «Сибирский государственный ...»

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Keywords: pedagogical process monitoring, testing, student competence N.G. Shestakova, MBOU SOSH Lyceum No. 185 (Novosibirsk) Metasubject communications Abstract: The author considers a main goal of elementary school as formation of the identity of the pupil. The author considers what exactly intersubject approach allows to create at school students complete idea of world around. Pupils acquaint with broad ideas of the world, by means of introduction of new ways of teaching of a subject. Intersubject communications at elementary school allow to speak about integration, as to the party of the development connected with association in whole of earlier diverse parts and elements. The author emphasizes that integration in training allows to create complete idea of the world surrounding them at pupils. As well the author argues that interdisciplinary communication help develop a child interested in the learning process and enhance its intellectual level.

Keywords: intersubject approach, integration, training, process, informative, school, pupils, world around.

T.G. Tretyakova, NGPU (Novosibirsk) Features of formation of students' readiness for assessment of educational achievement tests using linguistic didactic Abstract: Training provides foreign language teachers along with the technique of training of pedagogy, psychology, knowledge of the theory test linguistic didactic.

Keywords: linguistic didactic testing competence model, foreign language.

SECTION № 4. FEATURES OF PLANNING CONTROL AND ACCOUNTING AND INDEPENDENT RESEARCH STUDENTS IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE THIRD GENERATION FSES E.I. Zueva, E.A. Kasatkina, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Problems of independent work of students in the implementation of educational standards of the third generation and the direction of their solutions Abstract: Self-dependent student work is an important part of education process. This article reveals some problems in self-dependent work and methods of its solutions in the university.

Keywords: self-dependent, educational standards.

N.V. Berdnikova, G.A. Tabatchenko, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Theoretical and methodological foundations of a healthy lifestyle students Abstract: This report presents the basic principles of good lifestyle and their impact on the formation of a high level of professional competence in the implementation of the conditions of professional education.

Keywords: vocational education, the level of physical health, lifestyle.

I.V. Nosova, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Organization of independent work of students is one of the aspects of the methodological work of high school teacher Russia XXI century Abstract: The organization of independent work and teachers need to take into account the specificity of youth - students susceptibility to information, forms of organization of independent work.

Keywords: self-study students, current, mid-term, final inspection knowledge.

E.A. Terentyeva, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Independent work of students as the main component of learning activities of students Abstract: This report provides information about the structure of educational activities, forms of students' independent work of its organizatio, implementation and execution of.

Keywords: independent work of students, the structure of educational activity.

Y.S. Shcherbakov, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Features of planning, control and accounting students independent work under the implementation of the FSES Abstract: The author considers peculiarities of planning, control and accounting of independent work of students with regard to learning activity management students.

Keywords: improvement, planning, optimization, independent work.

M.S. Reshetinskaya, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) The role of independent work of students in the formation of professional competence Abstract: The author considers the independent work of students as part of the higher education system, aimed at developing a competitive specialist.

Keywords: system of higher education, independent work, professional competence.

L.A. Balabanova, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) On the development of criteria for assessing students' independent work Abstract: In modern conditions independent work is one of the important forms of school organization. The report of the designation of its aspects and criteria necessary for organizing and evaluating the students' independent work.

Keywords: independent work of students, evaluation criteria independent work of students.

T.L. Bakhtina, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) SRWS in a foreign language as a means of assessing general cultural competence Abstract: This paper has presented the organization of research work of students in the study of a foreign language in order to develop common cultural competence.

Keywords: scientific-research work of students, general cultural competence.

O.V. Petrukhina, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Formation of Romanticism as an attitude of human Abstract: In order to foster positive values among the youth of today is used romanticism that should not move away from reality. Striving for the ideal forms of life must approve humanism human relations and laws of beauty.

Keywords: education, romance, historical science.

A.P. Noskov, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Emotional education of students Abstract: Development of creative thinking contributes to the development of rational thinking. One of the means that lead to it, are classical literature and music.

Keywords: creative thinking, rational thinking, emotional education, upbringing.

D.B. Dyrdueva, BB SibSUTIS (Ulan-Ude) Formation of communicative competence by implementing common cultural competence Abstract: Isolation of communicative competence is impossible without the use of internal resources required to build interpersonal contacts. As part of the report provides a definition of communicative competence, a description of its components.

Keywords: competence, general cultural and professional competence.

E.Y.Kalashnikova, UTIC (Ekaterinburg) Innovative pedagogical conditions of formation of research activities of university students Abstract: In the formation of research activities of university students need orientation of the whole educational process on the use of innovative teaching conditions. The report substantiates the necessity of an individual approach to students, building individual educational trajectories.

Keywords: research activities of students, individual educational trajectories, innovative pedagogy.

E.I. Ohrimenko, UTIC (Ekaterinburg) Research work of students as an example of deep interdisciplinarity in the educational process of high school Abstract: Interdisciplinary teaching and research activities - time requirement, the essence of which is manifested in the scientific collaboration, the ability to use complex scientific knowledge, their synthesis in modern conditions.

Keywords : educational process, integration, course design.

R.G. Novokshenova, UTIC (Ekaterinburg) Learning motivation as a control cognitive activity of students in the course of foreign language teaching in technical colleges Abstract: The impact of the motives associated with buduscheydeyatelnostyu students, the influence of a foreign language in their social life. The report gives an idea of the learning motivation and the factors affecting it.

Keywords: intellectual motive, performance, motivation.

L.V. Bakulina, HII (Khabarovsk) Independent work as an effective means of self-realization of the student (for example, learning a foreign language) Abstract: In modern conditions the implementation of FSES third generation independent work is an integral part of the educational process. Independent work - a logical continuation of classroom wearing creative and needed to learn a foreign language.

Keywords: independent work of students, foreign language learning process.

A.A. Likhacheva, UTIC (Ekaterinburg) Organization of independent work of high school students under FSES- generations Abstract: The report provides a definition of self-study, the basic purpose of fulfilling the independent work of students and types of its control. Describes the classroom and students' independent work, especially its planning.

Keywords: students' independent work, monitoring, accounting, planning, self-study.

SECTION № 5. FEATURES OF REALIZATION OF THIRD GENERATION FSES TECHNICAL AND PURE SCIENCES V.V. Lebedyantsev, E.I. Morozova, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Innovative technologies in the educational process of the department of telecommunications automatic Abstract: Timely update work programs and search for modern educational technologies will realize the transition from engineering to undergraduate education.

As part of the report provides an experience for the department implemented an automatic Telecommunication.

Keywords: work program.

O.I. Morenkova, L.F. Lebedenco, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Interdisciplinary relations as a means to enhance learning Abstract: This report presents the views of interdisciplinary connections, the requirements for their construction, the level of teaching skills in the teaching of special subjects.

Keywords: program disciplines, interdisciplinary connections, the learning process A.C. Chukhrov, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Main directions of integrated educational support to students in technical colleges Abstract: This report presents the work areas that can neutralize a wide range of problems and difficulties of professional development arising from technical students.

Keywords: pedagogical support, educational process, student satisfaction.

G.V. Mamchev, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Features training bachelors Profile "Digital Broadcasting " Abstract: This report presents the characteristics of the educational process in the preparation of bachelors Profile "Digital Broadcasting " for training areas " Information and Communication Technologies and communication systems," designated matters necessary for the study.

Keywords : Bachelor's, competence approach.

M.S. Shuhsnov, T.V. Shushnova, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) The role and place in the study of interdisciplinary communication circuitry disciplines Abstract: This paper presents a model of interdisciplinary connections, as well as an example of their realization in the discipline " Circuitry telecommunication devices," related to the base of the professional disciplines cycle direction 210700.

Keywords: interdisciplinary communication, the learning process, the professional disciplines cycle.

V.B. Schiff, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Use of standard software tools for creating electronic textbooks Abstract: A system of educational process in higher education depends on the volume and content of information flows. The report by the example of electronic textbooks presented options for their use in the educational process.

Keywords: electronic textbook, software, educational process.

A.A. Kiselev, I.S. Mukhina, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Course work as a factor in the relationship disciplines Abstract: According to the authors, an important place in the educational process takes formation and maintenance of interdisciplinary connections. The task of teachers is not just creating from course to course sequence knowledge as the complexity of the information within a single subject area, but also to search for new ways of integrating the competencies and skills of students.

Keywords: course work, educational process.

T.E. Zakharova, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) The role and place of olympic students to learn professional competencies Abstract: One of the major challenges of modern higher education is to identify talented young people and their creative abilities. The solution to this problem is possible by organizing research-oriented activities.

Keywords: Competition, competence requirements of the labor market.

N.I. Prokhorov, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) The method of " teamwork " in the execution of laboratory training Abstract: This report presents a technique of the organization of work in a team on the example of "Computer-aided design of telecommunications networks " department NPP SIBSUTIS.

Keywords: collaboration, learning process.

N.I. Gorlov, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Organization of independent work of students in the department of "Lines of Communication" Abstract: In recent years, particularly important methodological support students' independent work. The report presents the views of independent work, the principles of organization of independent work of students.

Keywords: independent work of students, the learning process.

A.S. Belezekova, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) The role of independent work of students in the implementation of the FSES Third Generation Abstract: In recent years, an important task of the university is to train highly qualified personnel in accordance with the requirements of the labor market. To solve this problem should focus on students' independent work.

Keywords: independent work of students, the requirements of the labor market.

O.L. Konyukova, O.V. Diehl, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Formation of professional competence of students at independent work on the engineering discipline of computer graphics Abstract: As part of the report highlights the problems of reducing the load applied to classroom discipline "Engineering and Computer Graphics".

Keywords: independent work of students, the learning process, new technologies.

N. A. Churkina, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Students' independent work aspect of competence approach Abstract: The theses notes that under the changes occurring in the structure of higher education, the need arises to students the necessary competencies that will enable future young professionals to more effectively operate and compete in today's production. The author refers to the need to improve students' independent work as one of the most important tasks of the modern Russian education.

Keywords: students' independent work, competence approach, motivation, educational process, the system of higher professional education, continuing education.

S.V. Anosova, HII (Khabarovsk) Analysis of differentiating ability of tests Abstract: This report presents the results of the examination on the subject "The network databases". The investigations lead to the conclusion about the level of difficulty of test items.

Keywords: test items, the results of evaluation.

V.V. Rabdanova, HII (Khabarovsk) On the formation of the fund assessment tools for the direction "Computer Science" in the conditions of the implementation of FSES Abstract: The report proposes the use of project teaching method as a tool for fund assessment tools. A description of the types of projects.

Keywords: project, independent work, general cultural and professional competence.

O.P. Kuchina, HII (Khabarovsk) Modernization of assessment tools in the study of mathematical disciplines cycle framework of the FSES Abstract: Evaluation means the disciplines of mathematical cycle control competences bachelors differ from assessment tools specialties. A model for comparative evaluation of the quality of training.

Keywords: Fund assessment tools, mathematical discipline cycle.

O.V. Didenko, HII (Khabarovsk) On peculiarities of the implementation of the FSES in "Programming in computer systems" in the HII Abstract: This paper has presented the development of the basic educational program specialty 230115 "Programming in computer systems".

Keywords : professional module, the basic educational program.

T.V. Polishchuk, BB SibSUTIS (Ulan-Ude) Especially the planning, control and accounting of independent work of students in the implementation of the FSES Abstract: This report highlights the implementation of independent work of students for the purpose of training with reductions in teaching load for bachelor.

Keywords: independent work of students, the requirements of the labor market, methodological support.

SECTION № 6. BUSINESS FORMATION AND DEVELOPMENT CHARACTERISTICS OF THE STUDY OF THE COMPETENCE ECONOMIC AND HUMAN SUBJECTS IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE THIRD GENERATION FSES E.Y. Matveeva, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Philosophy in engineering education Abstract: Special attention is givento influence of philosophy on formation of common cultural competences of students of the engineering directions of preparation. Experience of use of interactive forms of carrying out occupations and mark and rating system is presented.

Keywords: philosophy, interactive forms, common cultural competences.

A.A. Kasatkina, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Development of estimated indicators of a level of development of humanitarian culture of the student of an engineering profile in the course of physical training Abstract: The experimental indicator of level of motivation is presented in the report to training, an indicator of level of psychological climate, an indicator of physical preparation. Specification of the concept "humanitarian culture of the student of an engineering profile in the field of physical training" is given.

Keywords: components of humanitarian culture, methods of physical training.

N. A. Bespalova, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Formation of fund of estimated means on physical culture Abstract: The main requirements to formation of fund of the estimated means, formations of common cultural and professional competences providing algorithm are submitted.

Keywords: main educational programs, fund of estimated means, common cultural competences.

A.V. Bulyshkina, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Assessment of competence-based characteristics of teachers of SibSUTIS Abstract: Criteria of an assessment of competence of teachers on the example of experience of one of faculties of " SibSUTIS " are provided.

Keywords: competence-based characteristics, criteria of an assessment, educational process.

N.D. Goncharova, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk), J.S. Terekhova, MTUCI (Moscow) Methodical guaranteeing features of integrity of competent orientated mep on economic faculties Abstract: Examples of methodical guaranteeing of mep and control tools of execution of new generation standards are presented in this report taking into consideration of economic faculty practice.

Keywords: new generation standards, economic faculty.

A.V. Bulyshkina, I.A. Kranosnov, V. I. Polyakov, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Competences and their assessment in activity of teachers Abstract: The parameters describing behavior, the relation and activity of teachers are presented in the report within development necessary for realization of educational process of competences.

Keywords: competence, motivation, organization T.I.Oleynikova, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Formation of general cultural competence in the framework of the FSES Abstract: The author examines the axiological approaches and activity in relation to the formation of common cultural competence within the education system.

Keywords: education, general cultural competence, civil society, the axiological approach, activity-based approach M. V. Oblaukhova, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Role of term papers in realization of competence-based approach when studying course "Microeconomics" Abstract: Problems of studying of the course "Microeconomics" in the conditions of reduction of classroom hours are designated, the option of realization of independent work of students through course design is offered.

Keywords: independent work of students, course design, competences.

D. A. Kaznacheev, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Coaching in system of the higher education Abstract: In the report possibility of use of a method of consulting and training for development of professional competences of students of the technical and humanitarian directions of preparation is considered.

Keywords: coaching, educational process, competence.

N. L. Kaznacheeva, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Competence-based system and its goal-setting Abstract: Problems of a contradiction of the academic consciousness and practice orientation competence-based approach according to needs of potential employers are considered.

Keywords: competence-based approach, labor market, higher education.

S.Y. Sedelnikov, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Features of vocational training of students in the conditions of FSES- realization Abstract: Features of development of common cultural and professional competences in the Economy direction within realization of competence-based approach are considered.

Keywords: common cultural and professional competences, mark and rating system.

T.A. Kuleshova, SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Modular and block approach to teaching of a course of microeconomics in higher education institution Abstract: The special attention is paid to the independent work of students aimed at the development of skills of research work. Experience of realization of modular and block approach in discipline "Microeconomics" is presented.

Keywords: independent work of students, module, training course.

O. Y. Krasnikova, CTI SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk) Independent work of students when studying the course "Management" on technical specialties in CTI SibSUTIS Abstract: In the report distinctive features of training of students in specialized secondary educational institutions are designated. On the example of discipline "Management" the structure of independent work of students is presented.

Keywords: independent work of students, secondary special education.

Y.S. Pudova, I.M. Shpak, Y.N. Gerasimova, HII (Khabarovsk) Main requirements of FSES to competence of graduates of specialty 210801. "Mail communication" Abstract: Within realization of offer vocational education special relevance is gained by practical orientation of future graduates. Features of training of students are presented to Mail in the report in the specialty 210801.51 "Communication".

Keywords: professional competences, enterprises of a mail service.

T.G. Baturina, BB SibSUTIS (Ulan-Ude) Interactive methods of training in teaching of disciplines of a social and economic cycle Abstract: Examples of use of interactive methods of training are presented in the report by teachers of chair "Economy", " Political science".

Keywords: interactive methods, training, test, report.

T.L. Scriabina, UTIC (Ekaterinburg) Research of possibility of the automated development of the business plan for the purpose of formation of professional competence of students at realization of FSES 3 generations in the economic directions Abstract: Development of professional competences of students with use of the automated and information technologies, on the basis of the presented state-of-the-art review of software products for development of the business plan.

Keywords: competences, software product, business plan.

«Основные проблемы повышения профессиональной компетентности в условиях реализации ФГОС третьего поколения»

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