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. N. Solodilova (e-mail: post@ugues.ru) R. Malikov (e-mail:MalikovRI@rambler.ru) R. Sabirova (e-mail: sabirovarita@ yandex.ru) FORMATION OF INSTRUMENTATION INFRASTRUCTURAL SUPPORT BUSINESS ACTIVITY The article describes the role of infrastructure in the business development. The analysis of the status and prospects of the existing system of infrastructure provision business. A model to assess the potential usefulness of the involvement in the formation of a business infrastructure resources.

Key words: infrastructure constraints, mutually beneficial partnership of government and business structures, the effect of conjugation of resources.

I. Groshev, A. Krasnoslobodcev (e-mail: aus_tgy@mail.ru) ECONOMIC MODELS OF BRANDING The article examines the existing economic models of brand formation. The essence of each model is revealed with its characteristics. The conditions and the possibility of applying a particular model because of its advantages and disadvantages are analyzed.

Key words: brand, measurement, competitive environment, criterion, model, consumer, market, product.

A. Kashkin (e-mail: kashkin@yandex.ru) MANDATORY DISCLOSURE OF THE INFORMATION ABOUT THE BENEFICIAL OWNERS OF DEPOSITORY RECEIPTS ISSUED ON RUSSIAN LOCAL SHARES The Federal Laws N 414- and N 415- signed by President of Russia in the end of introduced the new requirement for the disclosure of information about the depository receipts' beneficial owners and sanctions for those holders of receipts who were not disclosed properly.

After a year the mentioned requirements and sanctions were cancelled partly before they came into force. This article describes some legal aspects of the new regulations and the existing market practice.

Key words: depositary receipts, the Federal Laws N 414-, 415-, 282-, by law depository Depot programs, disclosure, corporate actions.

A. Golova (e-mail: anngelus@mail.ru) PARADOXES OF SOCIAL NETWORKING OF THE INTERNET Internet social networks are positioned as effective communication with specific management resources relevant to various aspects of human activity, including education and even government. Social media show an increase in political, economic and social capital. Media justify it, first of all, the growth of social subjectivity of the online communities acting regulators of social interaction.Simultaneously, in the latent processes are related to the restructuring of the network, with the dominance of consumer practices that inhibit the expression of independent and active life position, stimulating anomie and insecurity in social relations, producers of content had increased the real influence and they become moderators of the separate phenomena.

Multi-user activity, confirmed network statistics, contrary to the qualitative parameters . of network processes with fractal nonlinear, stimulating system instability and increases its entropy. As a result, increases both the social and economic risks for all entities affdiated with social media.

Key words: social networks, the Internet, the economic capital, social capital, and consumer practices, advertising, consumers, users, content creators, moderator, norms, values, interests, communication, entertainment, behavior, efficiency, financial risks.

Yu. Knyazev (e-mail: kyukl51@rambler.ru) ONE MORE UNSUCCESSFUL ATTEMPT TO REFUTE THE THEORY OF WORK COST The author criticizes main thesis of A. Orlov's article "From theory of cost of Marks to new economic conception of search of laws of economy in nature". He shows their historic and logical unsoundness and practical uselessness. The comparative analyses of proposed postulates of energetic theory of cost and corresponding Marks's categories leads to following conclusion:

there is one more unsuccessful attempt to find a substitute to the theory of work cost which explicates the real mechanism of market economy and capitalist exploitation of man by man.

Key words: theory of work cost, economic encrgetism, exploitation of man by man.


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