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MATRIXES OF IONIC INDEXES FOR FORMATION OF EXCHANGE PROCESSES IN MUTUAL SYSTEMS WITH INTERNAL SECANTS P. M. Isaeva, N. N. Verdiev Dagestan State University, Branch of the joint institute of high temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences1, verdiev55@mail.ru Matrixes of ionic indexes allowing to form the left and right parts of the exchange equations of chemical reactions and to reveal internal secants of stable and metastable complexes of mutual salt systems with cyclic trees of phases are offered.

ANALYTICAL RELIABILITY OF ELECTROCHEMICAL METHODS A.A. Kolesnikov, V.I. Zarembo, V.A. Demin The St.-Petersburg state institute of technology (technical university), wisekaa@bk.ru System theoretical and experimental problems of electrochemical methods of the analysis real (opened and nonequilibrium) solutions of electrolytes and electrode processes in comparison of traditional and modern views are analyzed.

HEURISTIC ROLE OF PRESSURE PULSES AFFECTING ON ELECTROCHEMICAL PROCESSES A.A. Kolesnikov, V.I. Zarembo, D.V. Zarembo FSBIHVT «The St.-Petersburg state institute of technology (technical university)», wisekaa@bk.ru The application of the method of pressure-pulses regulation on physical and chemical processes in the nonequilibrium condensed media is shown, and real results of the appendix of this method are resulted in the analysis of kinetics for the purpose of definition of mechanisms of multirouting electrochemical transformations on an example of hromato-sulphatic galvanic chromium plating.

(EXCEL + ACAD)-TECHNOLOGY TO RESEARCH T-X-Y-Z PHASE DIAGRAMS M. V. Lamueva1, B. V. Mokhosoev2, M. D. Parphenova3, Е. R. Urmakshinova IPMS SB RAS, vluts@ipms.bscnet.ru, 2Buryat State University, 3East-Siberian State Academy of Culture and Arts The graphical package AutoCAD and Excel spreadsheet were used to reproduce the manual graphics of D. A. Petrov for the additive contour of hypersurfaces in the system A-B-C-D with six eutectic gaps of solubility.

OBJECT-ORIENTED DESIGN OF MULTICOMPONENT SYSTEMS M. V. Lamueva1, I. G. Grigor’ev2, A. E. Zelenaya1, V. V. Savinov IPMS SB RAS, 2Buryat State University By means of object-oriented programming the computer models of T-x-y diagram with the incongruently melting compounds were built.

TECHNOLOGY OF Т-х-у AND Т-х-у-z DIAGRAMS ASSEMBLAGE FOR THE TERNARY AND QUATERNARY SYSTEMS V. I. Lutsyk1,2, A. M. Zyryanov2, A. E. Zelenaya1, B. V. Tsyngeev Institute of Physical Materials Science, SB RAS, vluts@ipms.bscnet.ru, 2Buryat State University The construction of phase diagrams computer models of different topological types permits to solve many tasks of materials science and chemical technologies and the simulation of phase diagrams already became one of the applied problems of mathematics. The elaboration of computer model permits not only to represent and interprets the geometry of investigated phase diagram, but also to do the detailed research for additional data obtaining.

DIAGRAM: COMPOSITON OF AQUEOUS SALT SOLUTIONS – RADIATION IN MILLIMETER SPECTRAL RANGE А.К. Lyashchenko, 1И.М. Karataeva, 2A.S. Kozmin, 2O.V. Betsky Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, RAS, Moscow, aklyas@mail.ru, karairmi@mail.ru Kotelnikov Institute of the Radio engineering and electronics RAS A new method of the experimental research and the concentration determination of salt solutions is offered on the basis of radiation parameters. These characteristics are determined with the help of high sensitivity radiometers in a millimeter range of waves. The results of the experimental research of electromagnetic radiation of water and aqueous solutions of alkaline metals, ammonium and magnesium chlorides in the millimeter spectral range (61,2 GHz) at 298 K are presented. It is shown that the radiation of potassium, rubidium, caesium, ammonium chloride solutions is more and the radiation of lithium and magnesium chloride solutions is less in comparison with water.

THE THERMAL ANALISIS (DTA) INSTALLATION OF NEW GENERATION A.S. Markov, P.V. Kosinsky, E.A.Andreev, K.D. Surinsky, A.S. Trunin, O.E. Morgunova, E.A. Katasonova Samara State Technical University, dr_markov_95@mail.ru, mal38@rambler.ru DTA is one of the most important investigating methods of phase equilibrium. Last years the principles of DTA engines development of new generation were essentially changed to the good. It is connected not only to microelectronics progress, use of modern computer technologies, but to new high-temperature heating alloys which fekhral` is referred to. We developed, tested and put into operation a new DTA engine.

FRACTAL WAVELET ANALYSIS INFLUENCE OF POROUS STRUCTURE NANOCOMPOSITES V.P.Meshalkin, 1 O.B.Butusov, 2 A.B.Galaev Russian Chemical Technology University. Mendeleev, clogist@muctr.ru Moscow State Engineering University, galaevandre@yandex.ru Fractal-wavelet analysis was carried out for three-micro-images of x-morphology of the composite samples SiC/Y3Al5O12, starting powder sintered at high temperature and pressure. Developed a computer model to calculate the fractal dimension of photomicrographs of nanocomposites, which are defined by the fractal dimension of the morphology of silicon carbide. Determine the number of characteristics of the porous structure of the nanocomposite, including pore size distribution, average pore size, as well as an original search algorithm "through" pores.

METODOLOGY FOR AUTOMATED COMPREHENSIVE STUDY OF MULTICOMPONENT SYSTEMS BY SIMULATION AND USING SPECIALIZED SOFTWARE О.Е. Morgunova Samara State Aerospace University named after academician S.P. Korolyov, Samara State Technical University, olvale@mail.ru The methodology of automated comprehensive study of multicomponent systems is a universal algorithm of complex automated research using an automated workstation chemist.

Application of the methodology in practice, allow to the get the whole information about the phase multicomponent complexes with a minimum investment of time and money.

MODELING OF PHASE DIAGRAMS OF THE "COMPOSITION-CURRENT" THREE-COMPONENT HETEROGENEOUS ALLOYS OF CADMIUM-TIN-BISMUTH E.Yu. Moschenskaya, Yu.V. Rublinetskaya, V.V. Slepushkin Samara State Technical University, lmos@rambler.ru, physchem@samgtu.ru The equations for modelling "composition-current" phase diagram of the three-component cadmium tin-bismuth alloy are proposed. Three-dimensional model is performed.


Hal – Cl-, Br-, I-, F-) AND FORECASTING OF CHARACTERISTICS OF THE EUTECTIC IN SYSTEMS NaHal – FrHal S. N. Parfyonov, G.I. Zamaldinova, A.I.Garkushin, V.I. Penina Samara State Technical University, parfy-svetlana@yandex.ru In an analytical form changes of temperatures and structures of eutectics of double systems of a number of NaHal - MHal (M – K, Rb, Cs, Hal – Cl-, Br-, I-) depending on kristallokhimichesky, thermal, thermodynamic and power characteristics of ions of M+ and halogenides are presented. Data of calculation of the characteristic of an eutectic are provided in systems NaHal – FrHal.

THE STABILIZATION OF SPIN SKYRMIONS IN FERROMAGNETIC BY DZALOSHINSKII-MORIA AND DIPOLE-DIPOLE INTERACTIONS V.M. Skorikov, A.N. Kalinkin, E.M. Kozhbahteev Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry RAS, Moscow, lpcao@igic.ras.ru It has calculated the vortex-skyrmion in antiferromagnetic with the stabilization by Dzyaloshinskii Moria and dipole-dipole interactions.

St. PETERSBURG SOURCES OF SCIENCES OF PROFESSOR BERGMAN A.S. Trunin, A.M. Gasanaliev Samara State Technical University, dr_markov_95@mail.ru, mal38@rambler.ru Honoured master of science, the doctor of chemical sciences prof. Bergman A.G. is a pupil of academician Kurnakov N.S., the founder of physical-chemical analysis, began to work with him in St. Petersburg, then in Moscow, where he got the D.I. Mendeleev`s medal for his work on topology of thribble mutual systems. The most active Bergman`s work was in Rostov-on-Don. In whole, the professor prepared 120 candidates and 20 doctors of sciences. He directed scientists in Rostov-on-Don educational establishments, in Caucasus and Middle Asia republics. Visual-polythermal analysis allowed to investigate in wide range of temperatures with a number of components till 10.

THE DEVELOPMENT OF PHYSICAL CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF MULTI COMPONENTAL SYSTEMS IN SAMARA A.S. Trunin, O.E. Morgunova Samara State Technical University, mal38@rambler.ru, olvale@mail.ru The main direction of physical and chemical analysis in Samara is the development and application of new methods of phase complex multicomponent systems research. Originate the comprehensive methodology for the multicomponent systems research, develop methods of experimental analysis, modeling and calculation of phase equilibria, to create a modern equipment for experiments.

AUTOMIZED COMPLEX OF DIFFERENTIATION AND BUILDING MULTI COMPONENT SYSTEMS PHASE SINGLE BLOCKS TREE A.S. Trunin, O.E. Morgunova, A.V. Chuvakov Samara State Technical University, mal38@rambler.ru, olvale@mail.ru Automized complex of differentiation and building multi-component systems phase single blocks tree was made. It includes a data base, program of a building scan-outs and phase tree of multi-component systems with all kinds of chemical interaction, including solid solutions.

THREE-DIMENSIONAL POLYTHERMAL SECTIONS OF T-X-Y-Z DIAGRAM OF THE QUATERNARY EUTECTIC SYSTEM WITHOUT SOLIDPHASE SOLUBILITY B. V. Tsyngeev1, S. N. Mogloeva2, E. I. Senotrusova Institute of physical materials science of the Siberian Branch of the RAS, vluts@ipms.bscnet.ru Buryat State University The D.A. Petrov’s graphics was added by the crossing of hypersurfaces on three-dimensional vertical sections. The diagram with degeneration of solvus and solidus hypersurfaces consists of 4 hypersurfaces of liquidus, 12 ruled hypersurfaces with forming segment of invariant two-phase equilibria L+I and 12 ruled hypersurfaces with forming simplex of invariant equilibria L+I+J (which bound 4 two-phase regions L+I, three-phase regions L+I+J and 4 four-phase regions L+I+J+K) is considered. The hypoeutectic sections given parallel to two crossing edges of tetrahedron and the sections given parallel to the tetrahedron sides and arranged within binary eutectics are analyzed. The high quality of D.A. Petrov’s graphics is confirmed and the directions for upgrading of software "Constructor Phase Diagram" are defined.

ON THE STATUS OF PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF MODERN CHEMICAL SCIENCES G.К. Shurdumov Kabardino-Balkaria State University, Nalchik This paper presents a critical analysis of the problem of the status of physical and chemical analysis in the chemical sciences in historical terms, and concludes that it is a special separate section study of the chemical processes (third conceptual framework of Chemistry) - Physical Chemistry.

STATE OF ORIENTATION EXCHANGE REACTIONS IN IONIC MELTS AND SOME THOUGHTS ON ITS FUTURE DEVELOPMENT G.К. Shurdumov, Y.L. Kardanova Kabardino-Balkaria State University, Nalchik In this paper, taking into account the direction of the problem of the exchange reactions in ionic melts, and based on the analysis and synthesis of the thermodynamic and physical meaning of the concept of "temperature" formulated rules shift the equilibrium in the absence of the solvent, which are in good agreement with calculations of the thermodynamics of the processes involved.

EXPERIMENTAL REPRODUCTION OF IDEAS KURNAKOV-BERGMAN ON TRIPLE SINGULAR ONE-TO-SYSTEM AND WAYS OF PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF RESERCH RESULTS G.К. Shurdumov, В.К. Shurdumov Kabardino-Balkaria State University, Nalchik On the basis of thermal analysis systems Me',Me''//NO 3,Mo(W)O4 (Me' – Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs;

Me'' – Ca, Sr, Ba) are discussed questions experimental reproduction ideas Kurnakov - Bergman of triple singular reciprocal systems. Along with this work is given along with this as the main focus of possible lines of data applications on systems Me',Me'//NO3,Mo(W)O4.

CLASSIFICATION AND THE SYSTEMATIZATION OF HALIDES OF GENERAL COMPOSITION ABX A.V.Agafonova, V.E.Lashin, N.A.Khritokhin, O.V.Andreev FGBOU VPO «Tyumen state university», e-mail anastasiya.agafonova.1990@meil.ru The annotation: Necessity of classification of three-element ion halogenides on type simple (complex) - complicated (dual) at systematisation of structures by category symmetry is demonstrated. The eligible criterion of classification is proposed: = (AX) - (ВХ). Adequacy of the given approach is verified by dimensional structure maps and the maps builted with use of the generalised power characteristics.

PHYSICO-CHEMICAL INVESTIGATON OF Ag2Se-GeSe2-SnSe2 SYSTEM I.J.Alverdiyev, Yu.A.Yusibov, Z.M.Aliyeva, L.M.Mashadiyeva Ganja State University, 1Baku State University, Rahimoglu@mail.ru Phase equilibriums in the Ag 2Se-GeSe2-SnSe2 system were investigated using DTA, XRD techniques and measurement of emf of chains concerning silver electrode with solid electrolyte Ag 4RbI5. It is shown that the quasibinary cut Ag8GeSe6-Ag8SnSe6 characterized by the formation of continuous series of solid solutions between two (low-temperature orthorhombic and high-temperature cubic) modification of the initial compounds. The isothermal section of the phase diagram at 300K is constructed.


Me = Sn, Pb) TYPE O.M. Aliyev, D.S. Ajdarova, S.T. Bayramova, V.M. Rahimova, E.S. Kuli-zade Institute of Chemical Problems named after acad. M.F.Nagiyev NAS of Azerbaijan, e-mail: chem.@science.az Growth regime of single-crystals of triple compounds LnMeTe 2 (Ln = Sm, Eu, Yb;

Me = Sn, Pb) type has been developed. Physical-chemical and some physical properties of grown single-crystals have been studied.

PHASE EQUILIBRIA IN THE In3Sb2S3Te3-InTe SYSTEM I.I.Aliev1, G.Z.Dzhafarova1, F.I.Ismailov2, F.A.Novruzova Institute of Chemical Problems named after akad. M.F.Nagiyev of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, 2 Institute of Physics named after G.B.Abdullayev of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, e-mail: aliyevimir@rambler.ru The In3Sb2S3Te3- InTe system was studied using differential thermal analysis (DTA), powder X-ray diffraction, microstructure observation, and microhardness and density measurements. A phase diagram of the title system was constructed. This system is a quasibinary join of the In,SbS,Te quaternary system. The system has a eutectic, which contains 40 mol % InTe and melts at 480°C. The In 3Sb2S3Te3-base solid solution in the system extends to 10 mol % InTe, and InTe- based solid solution extends to 2 mol % In3Sb2S3Te3..

PHASE EQUILIBRIA IN THE SYSTEM YbTe-Sb2Te3-Bi2Te Z.S. Aliev, K.D. Rasulova, G.I. Ibadova, F.M. Sadygov Baku State University, ziyasaliev@gmail.com T-x-y diagram of quasiternary system YbTe-Sb2Te3-Bi2Te3, referring to a type with univariant eutectic has been built. Specified in the literature compound YbSb 2Te4 not confirmed. The formation of -solid solutions with the structure tetradymite, homogeneity region which has the form of a continuous band width of 10-15 mol% YbTe along the side of Sb2Te3-Bi2Te3.

RESEARCH OF A NEW HEAT-RESISTANT AUSTENITIC ALLOY WITH AN IMPROVED COMBINATION OF PROPERTIES S. V. Afanasyev. O. S. Roschenko, A. F. Shevakin JSC Togliattiazot, e-mail: zavod@corpo.toaz.ru Abstract: A heat-resistant austenitic alloy has been offered, and its operational parameters have been defined. The practical consideration has shown that its microstructure consists of a solid solution, niobium and eutectic carbides. Liquidus and solidus curves temperature as well as the temperature of eutectic crystallization and dissolution of niobium carbides has been determined. It has been found that the long-term strength of the new heat-resistant alloy is much higher than the strength of any known steels, thanks to its optimal composition and the presence of micro-additives.

SOLID SOLUTIONS WITH THE STRUCTURE OF Tl5Te3 IN THE SYSTEM Tl2Te TlCl-TlBr D.M. Babanly, 1S.Z. Imamaliyeva Institute of Chemical Problems of NAS Azerbaijan, 1Baku State University, Babanly_mb@rambler.ru The Tl2Te-TlCl-TlBr system was investigated using the DTA and XRD analyses, as well as microhardness and EMF measurements. The polythermal section Tl5Te2Cl-Tl5Te2Br and isothermal section of the phase diagram at 300K were constructed. It was established, that the -phase of variable composition having a large homogeneity field forms in the system. The homogeneity field of -phase penetrates the Tl2Te–Tl5Te2Cl–Tl5Te2Br subsystem and occupies its large part.

THE T-x-y DIAGRAM OF SYSTEM Cu-Pb-Se N.B. Babanly, 1G.M. Shukurova, Yu.A. Yusibov Ganja State University, 1Baku State University, _Samira@rambler.ru For the first time by means of DTA and XRD techniques the complete T-x-y diagram of the Cu-Pb-Se system is constructed. Ternary compounds were not found. The cut Cu 2Se-PbSe is quasi-binary of eutectic type. Liquidus consists of the fields of primary crystallization of phases based on Cu, Cu 2Se and PbSe. There are three areas of immiscibility in the liquid state.

PHASE EQUILIBRIA IN THE TERNARI SYSTEM NaF-Na2CrO4-Na2WO A.V. Babenko, S.S. Likhacheva, Е.М. Bekhtereva FGBOU VPO «Samara state technical university», dvoryanova_kat@mail.ru The phase equilibrium in the ternary system NaF-Na2CrO4-Na2WO4 has been studied by the DTA method. The malting temperature and concentration of outcropping point have been determined.

PHASE EQUILIBRIUMS IN MUTUAL SYSTEM 3Cu2S+Cu2SnSе33Cu2Se+Cu2SnS S.M. Bagheri, 1I.J. Alverdiyev, M.B. Babanly Baku State University, 1Ganja State University, babanly_mb@rambler.ru The T-x diagram of quasi-binary system Cu 2SnS3-Cu2SnSe3 and isothermal section at 950K of the phase diagram of the mutual system 3Cu 2S+Cu2SnSe3 3Cu2Se+Cu2SnS3 are constructed using DTA and XRD methods. It is established that the system Cu 2SnS3-Cu2SnSe3 is quasibinary and characterized by the formation of a continuous series of high temperature solid solutions with cubic structure.

DIELECTRIC PROPERTIES OF SOLUTIONS OF QUATERNARY SYSTEMS BA(HCOO)2 - CU(HCOO)2 - Y(HCOO)3 - H2O I.V. Balakaeva, A.K. Lyashchenko, A.S. Lileev Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, NS Kurnakov of Sciences, Moscow, E-mail: aklyas@mail.ru, balak11@mail.ru It is presented the measurements of conductivity and microwave dielectric properties of aqueous solutions of quaternary system Y(HCOO) 3 - Ba(HCOO)2 - Cu(HCOO)2 - H2O with a ratio of salt components 1 : 2 : 3 with a total salt concentration of 0,3 mol.% to 18,6 mol.% at frequencies of 13, 16, 19.25 and GHz at 298 K. The static dielectric constants, times and activation parameters of the dielectric relaxation are calculated. It is shown that the processes of association and ion-ion interactions in aqueous formate solutions lead up to the formation of low-temperature glasses.


Lomonosov Moscow State University, Chemistry Department, Moscow, Russia The structures of alloys of continuous solid solutions formed TaV 2 cubic Laves phase and Laves phase TaCr2, which consists of two structures (cubic and hexagonal), and its change in the annealing process at 1375 K have been investigated. The most stable polytype TaCr 2 Laves phase at 1375 K is a polytype with a cubic structure.

STUDY OF TRIPLE SYSTEM Nd2S3-Ga2S3-EuS BY THE SIZE OF EuGa2S4-NdGaS I.B. Bakhtiyarli, R.D. Kurbanli, R.I. Kerimov, A.N. Mammadov, E.N. Ismayilova Institute of Chemical Problems named after acad. M.F. Nagiyev of NAS of Azerbaijan itpcht@itpcht.ab.az On the basis of the whole results of physical-chemical analysis the interaction between EuGa 2S4 and NdGaS3 was studied. Phase diagram of the system EuGa 2S4-NdGaS3, which is a partial quasi-binary section of the system Nd2S3-Ga2S3-EuS, was constructed. A congruent melting compound of the system EuNdGа3S7, which melts at 1390 K, was found out. Standard thermodynamic functions of formation of the produced complex compounds were calculated.

NEW TYPE OF TERNARY RECIPROCAL SYSTEM T. B. Bekker, P. P. Fedorov* Institute of Geology and Mineralogy SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia, e-mail: t.b.bekker@gmail.com *General Physics Institute Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia, e-mail: ppfedorov@yandex.ru THE ANALYSIS OF THE TERNARY RECIPROAL SYSTEMS Na,K||Hal,ElO4 (Hal – F, Cl, Br, I, El – Cr, Mo, W) Е.М. Bekhtereva, Е.О. Ignatieva FGBOU VPO «Samara state technical university», dvoryanova_kat@mail.ru The analysis of the ternary reciprocal systems Na,K||Hal,ElO 4 (Hal – F, Cl, Br, I, El – Cr, Mo, W) is carried out. The unexplored systems has been studied by the differential thermal analysis. The results of the prediction confirmed the experimental data.

THE INVESTIGATION OF TERNARY SYSTEM LiF-KCl-K2WO Е.М. Bekhtereva, O.V. Pichkaev, I.M. Kondratyk FGBOU VPO «Samara state technical university», dvoryanova_kat@mail.ru The ternary system LiF-KCl-K2WO4 has been studied by the differential thermal analysis. The melting point and the contents of the components eutectic are carried out.

THE ANALYSIS OF THREE-COMPONENT RECIPROCAL SYSTEMS RANGE Li,Me||F,CrO4 (Me – K, Rb, Cs) A.V. Burchakov, E.M. Behtereva, I.M. Kondratyk Samara State Technical University, e-mail: turnik27@yandex.ru In this work the range of three-component reciprocal systems Li,Me||F,CrO 4 (Me – K, Rb, Cs) is presented. A forecast of crystallized phase of uninvestigated system Li,Cs||F,CrO 4 was made on the bases of liquidus surfaces structure in two systems Li,K||F,CrO4 and Li,Rb||F,CrO4 of this range, investigated earlier.

And this forecast was also studied according to phase diagrams structure similarity of binary systems, belonging to systems of this range.

MODERN INTEGRAL-SCINTILOUS METHODS FOR LARGE SCALE ANALYTICAL DETERMINATION OF PRECIOUS METALS IN ROCKS,ORES AND SOILS I.N. Vaganov Bronnitskaya geological and geochemical expedition FSUE «IMGRE», bvfunt@rambler.ru Abstracts: For the purposes of improving the analytical services to the geological-prospecting and exploration works the Bronnitsa Geological-Geophysical expedition Analytical Centre evaluated and implemented certain assay complexes and analytical methods for determination of precious metal grades in geological samples using the chemical-spectral integral-scintillation method with photo-electric registration of the spectrum.


Institute of Physical Materials Science, SB RAS, vluts@ipms.bscnet.ru New method for polyhedration of multicomponent systems is proposed. Deduced before correlations between initial number of polyhedron vertexes (including all compounds, which participate in polyhedration, and resulting number of simplexes) are used. The method makes possible to divide polyhedron into simplexes in difficult cases with inner points and inner diagonals competition.

PIVALATES OF REE: SYNTHESIS, STRUCTURE AND THERMAL BEHAVIOUR A.V. Gavrikov, M. A. Bykov, A.B. Ilyukhin, I. G. Fomina, Zh. V. Dobrokhotova, A.V. Horoshilov, D.A.

Kazak, V.M. Novotortsev Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow, Russian Federation;

e-mail: gavrikovandrey@rambler For structurally characterized dinuclear rare earth pivalate complexes Ln2(piv)6(Нpiv)6·Нpiv и Ln2(piv)6(Нpiv)6 (Нpiv – pivalic acid, Ln = Ce (1), Pr (2), Nd (3), Dy (4), Ho (5) and Er (6)) the temperature dependences of the heat capacity, Cp0(T), were measured by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) in the temperature range from 133 K to 323 K. The Cp0(T) curves for the complexes show anomalies in the interval 268-283 K associated with an second-order phase transition.

GLASSFORMATION IN SYSTEMS Li2O-B2O3-Ln2O3 (Ln-La, Nd, Sm, Eu) Sh.A. Hamidova, E.S. Kuli-zade Institute of Chemical Problems named after academician M.F.Nagiyev of NAS of Azerbaijan e-mail: chem.@science.az By methods of physical-chemical analysis triple system Li 2O-B2O3-Ln2O3 was studied, glass formation regions were determined and indicative diagrams were plotted.

Transparent glasses, which are prone to crystallization, were produced. It was established, that by increasing the serial number, the glass formation region grows.

STUDING OF AQUEOUS FLUOROPHOSPHATE TITANIUM SYSTEMS M.M. Godneva, A.T. Belyaevsky I.V. Tananaev Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements and Mineral Raw Materials of Kola Science Centre RAS Fluoro- and oxo(hydroxo)fluorophosphate titanates (FPT), crystalline M 2TiF6 (M-K,Rb, Cs), K2Ti2O2(OH)F2PO4.2H2O and amorphous K3Ti4O(OH)F7(PO4)3.5H2O, Cs2Ti3O2F7PO4.6H2O, CsTi3O3F4PO4 3H2O have been isolated under mild conditions from solutions containing 2-17 wt% TiO 2, at.

the molar ratios of M/Ti = 1-4, F/Ti = 2-4 and PO 43-/Ti = 0.5-10.0. Nhe phases have been examined by using elemental, crystal optic, X-ray phase, and thermal analyses;

and also by electronic microscopy. After annealing of FPT, a mixture of MTiOPO4 and TiO2 was formed.

ANALISIS OF THE GROWTH DYNAMICS OF SILICATE HYDRATE CALCIUM NANOPARTICLES HYDRATED CEMENT COMPOSITION BY SMALL-ANGLE NEUTRON SCATTERING A.M. Gurjanov1, S.F. Korenkova1, V.M. Lebedev2, V.T. Lebedev2, U.V.Sidorenko Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, gurjanovam@mail.ru Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute Formation of cement structure in the process of hydration has been studied by small-angle neutron scattering (neutron wavelength = 0,3 nm). The distribution of silicate hydrate of calcium (C-S-H) nanoparticles has been received. Characteristics of C-S-H nanoparticles change have been obtained.

PHASE EQUILIBRIA IN THE STABLE PENTATOPE LiF-LiKMoO4-KCl-KBr K2MoO4 OF QUINARY RECIPROCAL SYSTEM Li,K||F,Cl,Br,MoO M.A. Dyomina, I.K. Garkushin Samara State Technical University, masha.demina2010@yandex.ru Phase equilibria in the stable pentatope LiF-LiKMoO 4-KCl-KBr-K2MoO4 of quinary reciprocal system Li,K||F,Cl,Br,MoO4 have been studied by the differential thermal analysis. On monovariant curve dip is formed with melting temperature 460°С and composition (equiv. %): LiF 5,7 %, LiKMoO 4 55,9 %, KCl 11, %, KBr 3,6 %, K2MoO4 23,5 %.

STUDY OF QUATERNARY SYSTEM K||F,Cl,Br,CrO M.A. Dyomina, A.D. Martinova Samara State Technical University, masha.demina2010@yandex.ru Abstract: phase equilibria in quaternary system K||F,Cl,Br,CrO 4 have been studied by the differential thermal analysis, volumes of crystallizable phases have been marked off.

STABLE PENTATOP'S RESEARCH OF LiF-LiVO3-KCl-KBr-KVO3 OF FIVE COMPONENT MUTUAL SYSTEM Li, K||F, Cl, Br, VO E.V. Dorosheva, T.V. Gubanova, I.K. Garkushin Samara State Technical University, ekaterinadorosheva@bk.ru By the method of the differential thermal analysis phase equilibria in stable pentatop of LiF-LiVO 3 KCl-KBr-KVO3 of five-component mutual system Li, K || F, Cl, Br, VO 3 was studied. The eutectic structure was found with a temperature of melting of 302 °C.

THE INVESTIGATION OF THE LiF-NaF-NaBr-CsBr SYSTEM G.E. Egortsev FGBOU VPO «Samara state technical university»

The LiF-NaF-NaBr-CsBr system was investigated by the metod of DTA. The t-x–diagrams were constructed and quaternary eutectic was determined.

PYROCHLORE SOLID SOLUTION IN Bi2O3-Fe2O3-Sb2Ox SYSTEM AND ITS PROPERTIES A. V. Egorysheva, O. G. Ellert, N. N.Efimov Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences The subsolidus phase equilibria of the Bi 2O3-Fe2O3-Sb2Ox system have been investigated and the isothermal section at 775-800°C has been constructed. It was shown that the only ternary compound with pyrochlore -type structure forms a substantial solid solution region which existence suggests that 7–25% of the Bi-sites are occupied by Fe3+. The Mossbauer data confirms that Fe3+ ions enter the Bi-positions and a number of Bi- and Fe(Sb)-sites appear to be vacant. Magnetic properties of the pyrochlore were studied at – 300K and at applied magnetic fields up to 7T.

SYNTHESIS AND PHYSICAL CHEMICAL STUDY OF NEW PHOSPHORS BASED ON RARE EARTH-DOPED FLUORBORATE GLASSES AND GLASS CERAMICS A. V. Egorysheva1, A. P. Melekhov2, O. B. Ananin2, D. V. Lavroukhine2, G. S. Bogdanov2, I. P. Sipailo Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences National Research Nuclear University MEPhI Glass formation and physical chemical properties of the glasses in the B 2O3-CaF2-Bi2O3 system is studied. The Ln–doped glasses (Ln= La, Nd, Eu, Dy, Er, Tm) are synthesized and the influence of REE on crystallization behavior of the glasses is considered. The samples of transparent glass-ceramics, containing Ca1-xEuxF2 and Ca1-xLaxF2 crystallites with the size about 40 nm are synthesized. The luminescence properties of the glasses and glass-ceramics are examined.

PHYSICO-CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF THE Cs2HgBr4–Cs2ZnBr4–CsBr SYSTEM I.Ya. Zaitseva, I.S. Kovaleva, V.A. Fedorov Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow,, e-mail:

info@igic.ras.ru The interaction of components in the Cs 2HgBr4–Cs2ZnBr4–CsBr ternary system was studied by DTA and X-ray diffraction. The liquidus surface consists of the crystallization fields of three phases: CsBr, a solid solution of Cs2HgBr4 with Cs2ZnBr4 (), and solid solution based on Cs3ZnBr5. The coordinates of the ternary eutectic point were found.

SYNTHESIS AND PHYUSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIESES OF NANOCOMPOSITES COLCIUM HYDROXYAPATITE/ CHITOSANE/MULTIWALLED CARBON NANOTUBES N.A. Zakharov, J.A. Ejova, E.M. Koval, V.T. Kalinnikov Kurnakov institute of general and inorganic chemistry RAS, Moscow, RF, e-mail: zakharov@igic.ras.ru Abstract: With method coprecepitation calcium hydroxyapatite (Ca 10(РО4)6(OH)2) (HA), chitosan (С6Н11NO4)n (CHIT) and multiwalled carbon nanotubes (CNT) in system системе CaCI2-(NH4)2HPO4 (С6Н11NO4)n-NH3-CNT-Н2О (300 K) synthezesed nanocomposites HA/CHIT/CNT of compositions Ca10(РО4)6(OH)2. х(С6Н11NO4). yУНТ. zH2O, где х=0,1;







z=5,9-7,9 and made identifications of receives products with physical and chemical methods.

STUDY OF SECTIONS K+, (C2H5)2NH2+ // Cl–, HCO3– – H2O SYSTEM AT 10 ° C M. P. Zubarev, A. S. Kosolapov Perm State University Crystallization surface of chloride and potassium bicarbonate in К+, (C2H5)2NH2+ // НСО3-, Cl - H2O system at 10 ° C are studied. Phase structure of two type sections of system S n - КHCO3 – H2O, Sn - КCl – H2O, where F - conditional component is a mixture of salt components, was determined.

PHASE EQUILIBRIUMS IN SYSTEM SnTe-YbTe G.I. Ibadova, Z.S. Aliev, S.М. Veysova Baku State University, dunyababanly2012@gmail.com The phase equilibria in the system SnTe-YbTe have been study by means of DTA, XRD and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). It is shown that this system is characterized by formation of continuous solid solutions field at high-temperature (1000 K). By decreasing temperature, solid solutions are decompose and the solubility based on initial components is 40 (SnTe) and 5 mol. % (YbTe).

PHASE EQUILIBRIUM, MAGNETIC AND ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES OF EUTECTIC OF THE SYSTEM GaSb-MnSb A.D. Izotov1, S.F. Marenkin1, V.M. Truhan2, I.V. Fedorchenko Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences SSPA ”Scientific and Practical Materials Research Centre of NAS of Belarus ” Abstract: Phase diagram of GaSb-MnSb was investigated by the complex of the methods of the physical-chemical analyses. An eutectic point situates at 41 mol.% of MnSb and T MELT = 632°C. The eutectic of GaSb-MnSb is a granular ferromagnet with Curie point ~ 600K. The curves of resistance vs magnetic field have a difficult character, which is explained by the different mechanism of the dissipation of the charges.

SYNTHESIS AND PHYSICO-CHEMICAL INVESTIGATION OF As2Se3–Cr2Se3 SYSTEM T.M. Ilyasly1, Sh.A. Gasangulieva2, F.G. Aliyev3, R.G. Iskakov Baku State University, 2 Institute of Chemical Problems named after akad. M.F. Nagiyev of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, 3State Economic University of Azerbaijan e-mail: aliyevimir@rambler.ru Physical-chemical analysis (DTA, XRD, ISA, as well as microhardness and density measurements) glassformation on the As2Se base in the system As2Se3-Cr2Se3 was investigated.It was found that slow cooling of glass formation based on As2Se3 up to 10 mol. % Cr2Se3, and glass-crystalline region extends to 20 mol. % Cr2Se3.

PREPARATION AND PROPERTIES OF EuAsX3, EuAs4X7, EuAs2X4 AND Eu3As4X9 (X – S, Se, Te) COMPOUNDS T.M. Ilyasly, M.I. Chiragov, R.F. Abbasova, L.A. Mamedova, S.M. Veysova, Z.I. Ismayilov Baku State University, teymur.ilyasly@mail.ru This paper presents information regarding the synthesis of EuAsX3, EuAs4X7, EuAs2X4 and Eu3As4X (X – S, Se, Te) compounds, their crystallographic, chemical and electro physical properties. The ternary chalcogenides were synthesized by the direct fusion technique. Single crystals of these compounds have been prepared by chemical gas-transport reaction method. The structural properties of compounds were calculated. All compounds are n-type semiconductors, their electroconductivity, band gap energy have been determined.

PHYSICO-CHEMICAL INVESTIGATION OF SOME Tl5Te3-Tl9LnTe6-Tl9BiTe6 SYSTEM WITH Tl5Te3 –TYPE STRUCTURE S.Z. Imamaliyeva, T.M. Gasanly, M.B. Babanly, Babanly_mb@rambler.ru Phase equilibriums in the Tl5Te3-Tl9LnTe6-Tl9BiTe6 systems were investigated using DTA, XRD techniques and measurement of microhardness. Projection of liquidus and solidus surfaces, some isothermal and polithermal sections of phase diagram as well as concentration dependence of microhardness and crystal lattice parameters were constructed. It was established, that systems Tl 5Te3-Tl9LnTe6-Tl9BiTe6 are characterized by formation of continuous field solid solutions with Tl5Te3-type structure PHASE TREE OF SYSTEM Li, K // F, Cl, Br, MoO *Isaeva P.M.,**Verdiev N.N.

FGBOU VPO **« Dagestan state university, Branch united to institute of high temperatures», «Branch of Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the RAS», e-mail: verdiev55@mail.ru A thermodynamic calculations and identify areas of mutual exchange reactions in the three-and four reciprocal systems ogranyayuschih system Li, K / / F, Cl, Br, MoO 4. Produced by decomposition of the system pentatope, shaped tree phases, showed that its topological diagram of linear type.

THE INFLUENSE OF ELEMENT Er ON PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF SOLID SOLUTIONS (Bi2Sb5Se3Te6I3) OF n-TYPE F.I. Ismayilov3, F.G. Aliyev2, M.G. Shakhbazov Institute of Physics named after G.B.Abdullaev of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, State Economic University of Azerbaijan, 3Azerbaujan State Pedagogical University The phase diagram of the (Bi2Sb5Se3Te6I3)1-х (Er)х system was studied by differential thermal analysis, X–ray diffraction microstructural analysis and microhardness and density measurements. The influence of Er element on the physico-chemical properties of solid solution (Bi 2Sb5Se3Te6I3) of n-type was analyzed and its phase diagram was constructed. At room temperature the (Bi 2Sb5Se3Te6I3) based solid solution extend to 4,5 at. % Er. Compounds (Bi2Sb5Se3Te6I3) and Er form the eutectic which contain 10 at. % Er and melts at 4800C.

THE ORDERING AND THE THEORETICAL ANALYSIS OF THE TERNARY RECIPROCAL SYSTEMS ROWS OF LITHIUM, SODIUM, POTASSIUM AND BARIUM HALOGENS M. A. Istomova, G.. Egorcev FGBOU VPO “Samara State Technical University”, mariaistomova@mail.ru The rows of the Li,Ba||F,Г (Г–Cl,Br,I), Na,Ba||F,Г (Г–Cl,Br,I), K,Ba||F,Г (Г–Cl,Br,I) ternary reciprocal systems were ordered, the phase diagram analysis was carried out and the regularities of systems structure complicated by compounds on the binary subsystems were figured out. The predicted results of uninvestigated ternary reciprocal systems were shown. The phase diagram analysis was carried out by the method of prediction based on the regularities of the investigated phase diagrams and the regularities of components interaction.

PHASE EQUILIBRA IN THE SYSTEMS Мe2Mo(W)O4-CuMo(W)O4-Mo(W)O3 (Me-Li, Na,K) Y.L. Kardanova G.К. Shurdumov FGBOU VPO "Kabardino-Balkaria State University", Nalchik The interaction of system components Мe2Mo(W)O4–CuMo(W)O4–Mo(W)O3 (Me – Li, Na,K) by visual Politerm, received new experimental data on the nature of the interaction of its constituent substances, identified low-melting compounds and new phases, including copper molybdate and tungstate, representing scientific and practical interest).

VOLUME AND TRANSPORT PROPERTIES OF ZIRCONIUM-CONTAINING MOLTEN SALTS S. F. Katyshev, V.N. Desyatnik, L. M. Teslyuk The results of studying density and specific electric conductivity of molten LiF-KF-ZrF 4, NaF-KF ZrF4, LiCl-KF-ZrF4 and KCl-KF-ZrF4 mixtures in a wide range of temperatures and concentrations are presented. Observed trends in changing physical-chemical properties of molten mixtures of zirconium fluoride with alkali metal halides can be satisfactorily explained within the model of complex structure of ionic liquids.

SURFFCE PROPERTIES OF ZIRCONIUM-CONTAINING MOLTEN SALTS S. F. Katyshev, N.V. Shirocova, L. M. Teslyuk, E.S. Katyshev Surface tension of molten LiF-KF-ZrF4, LiCl-KF-ZrF4 and KCl-KF-ZrF4 mixtures was measured using method of maximum pressure in a gas bubble. Excessive functions (Gibbs free energy, entropy, enthalpy) of interaction of the species in the surface layer were calculated. Considerable effect of ionic composition of the mixtures on surface properties of the melts was confirmed.

PHASE EQUILIBRIA INVESTIGATION IN THE SYSTEM NH4+ || H2PO4, HPO42, SO42, Cl – H2O AT 25°С N. S. Kistanova, S. A. Mazunin, A. S. Blinov Perm State University National Research, e-mail:natalya.kistanova@gmail.com Abstract: The phase equlibria in the system NH4+ || H2PO4, HPO42, SO42, Cl H2O were determined in the whole concentration range at 298K. The compositions of solid phases which are in equilibrium with invariant solution were instituted. Data of the compositions corresponding to mono-, bi- and trivariant equilibria were obtained.

THE FORMATION OF SOLID SOLUTIONS IN THE TERNARY SYSTEMS BASED ON COMPOUNDS AIVBV E. U. Kononova, T. P. Sushkova, G. V. Semenova Voronezh State University, e-mail: Helko7@yandex.ru Abstract: The continuous series of solid solutions take place in the Ge - As - P and Sn - As - P ternary systems, but three-phase region in the phase diagrams polythermal sections GeAs-GeP, Sn 4As3 - Sn4P3 is due to incongruent melting character of germanium phosphide and tin arsenide, accordingly,. The polythermal section Sn4As3 - Sn4P3 phase diagram was investigated by differential thermal analysis method. In the system Si - As - P implemented peritectic mixture of solid solutions based on silicon phosphide and silicon arsenide.


“Samara State Technical Univercity”, kpvsstu@gmail.com;


mal38@rambler.ru In previous publications the system LiCl - LiNO 3 are two variants of the topological structure, including the formation of incongruently melting compounds with the composition of LiCl * 4LiNO 3.

Therefore, this system was study by calculation and differential thermal analysis methods, which confirmed the lack of compounds.

RESEARCH SYSTEM Na2SO4 – Li2SO4 THE DTA METHOD M.A. Loseva FPBEIofHE "The Samara state technical university", mal19@yandex.ru System Na2SO4–Li2SO4 is a part of the phase complex Li, Na, K || F, Cl, Br, NO 3,SO4. The analysis of data of literature showed existence of at least two connections of incongruent melting. The research of two component system conducted by the DTA method allowed to confirm both these connections.

STABLE TETRAHEDRON LiF-KNO3-KBr-KF, LiF-KNO3-KBr-LiNO3 A QUATERNARY RECIPROCAL SYSTEMS Li,K || F,Br,NO A.V. Maltseva, T.V. Gubanova, I.K. Garkushin FGBOU VPO "Samara State Technical University", E-mail: samara200687@mail.ru The first method of differential thermal analysis to study the stability tetraydery LiF-KNO 3-KBr-KF, LiF-KNO3-KBr-LiNO3 ternary reciprocal system Li,K || F,Br,NO 3. Studied phase diagrams revealed compositions and melting quaternary invariant points.

Оглавление КОМПЛЕКСНЫЙ ФИЗИКО-ХИМИЧЕСКИЙ АНАЛИЗ С ПОМОЩЬЮ ПРИБОРОВ ФИРМЫ SHIMADZU ДЛЯ ИССЛЕДОВАТЕЛЬСКИХ ЦЕЛЕЙ, ЭКОЛОГИЧЕСКОГО МОНИТОРИНГА И ПРОИЗВОДСТВЕННОГО КОНТРОЛЯ Иванова Ася Сергеевна, зам. начальника отдела продаж ООО «Аналит Продактс» - генеральный дистрибьютор Shimadzu 199106, Санкт-Петербург 26-линия В.О., д. 15/2 лит.А, оф. 9.06.

Т/ф: (812) 325-40-08, 325-55- Сайт: www.analit-spb.ru, Е-mail: ai@analit-spb.ru «АНАЛИТ» - генеральный дистрибьютор японской компании Shimadzu - одного из крупнейших мировых производителей аналитического и испытательного оборудования.

Shimadzu производит приборы для всех наиболее востребованных инструментальных методов анализа:

- оптической спектроскопии (УФ-ВИД спектрофотометры, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры и оптические эмиссионные спектрометры с индуктивно-связанной плазмой) - хроматографии и хроматомасс-спектрометрии (жидкостные и газовые хроматографы и хроматомасс-спектрометры) - рентгеновских методов анализа (дифрактометры, энергодисперсионные и волнодисперсионные рентгеновские спектрометры) - микроскопии (электронно-зондовый микроанализатор, сканирующий зондовый атомно-силовой микроскоп) - термического анализа (дериватографы, калориметры и термомеханические анализаторы) Кроме того, компания Shimadzu производит MALDI спектрометры, анализаторы размеров частиц, анализаторы общего углерода и азота, весы, тест-машины, микротвердомеры, прибор для микрочипового электрофореза. Компания «АНАЛИТ» также занимается поставками оборудования, дополняющего продукцию Shimadzu: микроволновые системы пробоподготовки (CEM, Sineo, Anton Paar, Milestone), поляриметры (Optical Activity), рефрактометры (Index Instruments) и т.д.

«АНАЛИТ» стремится предоставлять своим клиентам комплексные решения для оснащения лабораторий, поставляя оборудование, расходные материалы, реагенты, мебель, осуществляя методическую поддержку и стажировку пользователей.

Наличие собственной аналитической аккредитованной лаборатории позволяет выполнять широкий спектр исследований, разработку методик и обучение специалистов.

Лаборатория оснащена современным оборудованием Shimadzu, позволяющим осуществлять комплексный анализ проб, что особенно актуально при анализе проб неизвестного состава.

Сотрудниками нашей лаборатории уже разработан и аттестован целый ряд методик для различных методов анализа (с перечнем можно ознакомится на сайте www.analit spb.ru/methods.php), которые доступны нашим клиентам бесплатно.

Мы также уделяем большое внимание сервисной поддержке пользователей, которая осуществляется квалифицированными сервис-инженерами, сертифицированными производителями оборудования. Сервисные центры компании «АНАЛИТ» расположены в Санкт-Петербурге, Москве, Нижнем Новгороде, Уфе и Казани.

На нашем складе в г. Санкт-Петербург постоянно поддерживается запас наиболее востребованных приборов и расходных материалов для обеспечения коротких сроков поставки.

Машиностроительный Завод «Активатор», г. Новосибирск, тел./факс (383) 325 18 49, activator.mill@gmail.com Компания «Активатор» - это машиностроительный завод, конструкторское бюро и исследовательская лаборатория. С 2002 года мы разрабатываем, изготавливаем, испытываем и поставляем клиентам оборудование и технологию дробления, сушки, тонкого помола и классификации материалов.

Мы производим промышленное и лабораторное помольное оборудование.

Лабораторные планетарные шаровые мельницы «Активатор», такие как «Активатор – 2SL», «Активатор - 2S» и «Активатор - 4M» могут использоваться для проведения научных исследований, подбора оптимальных составов смесей, измельчения проб и получения высокодисперсного порошка. Мощное воздействие ускоренных измельчающих шаров на материал позволяет получать порошок с размером частиц несколько нанометров и/или проводить механохимические реакции и активацию материалов.

«Активатор - 2SL» «Активатор - 4М» «Активатор - 2S»

Мельница «Активатор - 2SL» «Активатор - 2S» «Активатор - 4M»

Количество 2 (250 мл) 2 (250 мл) 4 (1000 мл) (объем) барабанов Скорость вращения 0-1500 об/мин 0-2800 об/мин 0-1650 об/мин барабанов Потребляемая 2,2 кВт/ч 2 по 2,2 кВт/ч 18 кВт/ч мощность Механохимические Применение Пробоподготовка Наработка материала исследования Мы производим помольные комплексы на базе эллиптических мельниц «Активатор–С», которые используются для тонкого и сверхтонкого измельчения, с производительностью от 60 до 5000 кг/ч.

Лабораторные мельницы и помольные комплексы выпускаются на собственном производстве.

Более подробную информацию Вы можете узнать на сайте www.activator.ru.


ООО «Крон»

ООО «СамараНИПИнефть»

ОАО «Тольяттиазот»

ООО МЗ «Активатор»

ООО «Аналит Продактс»

Научное издание X МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЕ КУРНАКОВСКОЕ СОВЕЩАНИЕ ПО ФИЗИКО-ХИМИЧЕСКОМУ АНАЛИЗУ Сборник трудов Издается в авторской редакции Подписано в печать 30.05.13.

Формат 60х84 1/16. Бумага офсетная.

Усл. п.л. 23,8. Уч.-изд. л. 23,2.

Тираж экз. 200. Рег. № 118/13.

Заказ № 499.

Отпечатано в типографии Самарского государственного технического университета 443100, г. Самара, ул. Молодогвардейская, 244, корпус №

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