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About the authors .. Eduard D. Avedyan Computing Center of Executive Office . of the President of Russian Federation Moscow, Russia .. Galina N. Arkhipova Institute of Control Sciences RAS Moscow, Russia . Christopher Bissell Open University Great Britain C. Sergio Bittanti Politecnico di Milano Italy . Shankar Bhattacharyya A&M Texas A&M University , College Station, TX, USA .. Otar G. Verulava Georgian Technical University , Tbilisi, Georgia .. Eliahu I. Jury . University of Miami , Florida, USA 298 . Peter Dorato - University of New Mexico , Albuquerque, NM, USA .. Inna Ya. Kerbeleva daughter of Yakov Tsypkin , Moscow Institute of Radio () Engineering, Electronics and Automation, Moscow, Russia .. Boris Ya. Kogan University of California , Los Angeles, CA, USA . Petar Kokotovi University of California , Santa Barbara, CA, USA .. Robert Sh. Liptser . - Tel Aviv University Israel . Lennart Ljung . Linkping University Sweden .. Alexander V. Nazin Institute of Control Sciences RAS Moscow, Russia . Karl J. strm . Lund University Sweden .. Nikolai P. Petrov Institute of Control Sciences RAS Moscow, Russia .. Alexander S. Poznyak CINVESTAV CINVESTAV - IPN , Mexico City, Mexico .. Boris T. Polyak Institute of Control Sciences RAS Moscow, Russia .. Yurii S. Popkov Institute of Systems Analysis RAS Moscow, Russia .. Anatoli I. Propoi Institute of Systems Analysis RAS Moscow, Russia .. Svetlana R. Faina Secondary school No. 1307, Moscow, Russia . Kiatsukisa Furuta Tokyo Denki University Japan .. Alexander B. Tsybakov -6 Universit Paris VI , Paris, France .. Tatiana I. Shmidt Institute of Control Sciences RAS Moscow, Russia PREFACE Life is changing dramatically fast The epoch which we used to refer to as our present time is leaving us inevitably.

That is why its important to remember the best things that hap pened and, first of all, the images of persons of high and pure reputation, their life experience and major accomplishments.

Yakov Zalmanovich Tsypkin was one of such persons. Born in 1919, he went along the life path from a young radioamateur to the full Member of the Academy of Sciences, participated in the war and acquired severe life experience. He was honored highest Soviet and international scientific awards, established a brilliant scientific school in automatic control theory, was keen of re search till the very end of his life (1997). He will always stay in the records of science and in the hearts of many people.

This book is primarily aimed at retaining the bright and vivid memory of Yakov Zalmanovich Tsypkin. We did not want to fo cus deeply on the analysis of his research and contribution to sci ence;

this would be the subject of interest primarily for experts.

Suffice it to say, one can find lots of references to Tsypkins monographs and papers up until now, and his citation index was one of the highest among the Russian authors in automatic con trol. Instead, the key idea of this book was to collect personal reminiscences of people of his immediate entourage relatives, close friends, colleagues and students.

The book consists of three parts and appendix.

The first chapter contains lectures, articles and letters of Ya kov Zalmanovich. Most of them have never been published.

Various documents are also presented which characterize not solely the personality of Yakov Tsypkin, but the whole epoch as well. For the young generation, it would be interesting to take a look at some personal forms and reference letters. Preface In 2003, Yakov Tsypkins daughter Inna Kerbeleva wrote on the early years of her farther, his family roots and first steps in research. A few words have been added to this memories by the youngest member of Tsypkins family, the great-grandson of Ya kov Zalmanovich, Dima.

The main part of Yakov Tsypkins life is concerned with the Institute of Automation and Remote Control (nowadays, the Insti tute of Control Sciences). Here, Yakov Zalmanovich founded and headed the laboratory for more than 40 years;

since 1998 it is named after Ya. Tsypkin. The history of the laboratory is pre sented in the second chapter of this book, where the former and present colleagues and post-graduate students share their remem brances of Ya.Z.

The third chapter of the book basically contains the material from the special memorial issue of International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing (2001, vol. 15, No. 2) dedicated to Yakov Tsypkin. Outstanding foreign scientists recol lect their contacts and relations with Yakov Zalmanovich, his in fluential contribution to control theory, his charming personality and sense of humor.

Finally, the appendix includes some archival documents re lated to Ya.Z. Tsypkin and the personnel of his laboratory over certain periods, a photo album, and the list of his main scientific publications. The reader can see the vast variety of results and a huge outcome of Tsypkins work.

We would like to thank everyone who wrote and presented their memories or provided documents and other material for this book. We are grateful to the directorate of the Institute of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, for the valuable support of this issue. Last but not least, special thanks go to Tatiana I. Shmidt and Sergey A. Nazin for their key role in edit ing the material and preparation of the final version of this book.

B.T. Polyak CONTENTS Preface .... Part 1: History Yakov Zalmanovich Tsypkin Inna Ya. Kerbeleva. My father Yakov Zalmanovich Tsypkin .

Yakov Z. Tsypkin. My life in feedback and feedback in my life (lecture upon receiving the R. Oldenburger medal of ASME) ............... Yakov Z. Tsypkin. To control everything controllable, and to make controllable everything which is not (article from Nauka i Zhizn journal) ...

A Russian life in control. Yakov Tsypkin (the interview to C. Bissell) .............. A letter of Yakov Tsypkin to Boris Kogan . Tatiana I. Shmidt. From archives and reminiscences Part 2: Laboratory Boris T. Polyak. Laboratory of Ya.Z. Tsypkin ...

Eduard D. Avedyan. A few touches to portrait of Ya.Z. ..

Galina N. Arkhipova. Thirty years with Yakov Zalmanovich .

Otar G. Verulava. Memories about Ya.Z. Tsypkin ...

Robert Sh. Liptser. Talks to Yakov Zalmanovich ..

Alexander V. Nazin. Some moments with Yakov Zalmanovich...

Nikolai P. Petrov. Last hours ....

Alexander S. Poznyak. Reminiscences from another millennium Yurii S. Popkov. Teacher ....

Anatoli I. Propoi. Recollecting Ya.Z. Tsypkin ..

Svetlana R. Faina. Beside Yakov Zalmanovich Alexander B. Tsybakov. First steps with Yakov Zalmanovich Contents Part 3: Colleagues Eliahu I. Jury. In memoriam Yakov Zalmanovich Tsypkin:

A life in feedback control ...

Sergio Bittanti. Yakov Z. Tsypkin, a life in feedback ...

Boris Ya. Kogan. Short essay on the life and scientific activities of Yakov Zalmanovich Tsypkin Petar Kokotovic. Three Tsypkin stories ..

Boris . Polyak. He was a lucky person ..

Shankar Bhattacharyya. Some memories of Yakov Tsypkin ..

Eliahu I. Jury. On memories of Yakov Tsypkin ....

Peter Dorato. A personal remembrance of Tsypkin . Lennart Ljung. A personal recollection of Tsypkin ...

Karl J. strm. Some memories of Yakov Tsypkin ..

Kiatsukisa Furuta. Nine months with Professor Yakov Tsypkin APPENDIX Some documents . Tsypkins laboratory through the years ... Photo Album .... Main publications of Yakov Z. Tsypkin About the authors Preface (English) Contents (English) ..

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