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1. , 1.1. 1.2. - 1.3. Mus--mn Apodemus argenteus 1.4. GC- 1.5. 1.6. 1.7. 1.8. 2. , ȭ έ 2.1. 2.2. 2.3. Sylvaemus Apodemus - (IRBP , cyt ) 2.4. Sylvaemus 3. 3.1. - Apodemus peninsulae 3.2. Apodemus speciosus 3.3. Apodemus agrarius 3.4. Sylvaemus uralensis Contents Preface Introduction Chapter 1. MOLECULAR EVOLUTION, PHYLOGENY AND SYSTEMATICS BASED ON TOTAL nDNA RFLP 1.1. Divergence of two families of repetitive DNA 1.2. Molecular-genetic typing of three transpalearctical wood mice species... 1.3. Mus-type of segmentation of small Japanese field mousce satDNA 1.4. Differentiation of the GC-rich restriction sites in high repetitive DNA.. 1.5. Peculiarities of nDNA restriction polimorphism for european and asian species 1.6. Genetic differentiation of three mice from the Caucasus 1.7. Molecular phytogeny of wood and field mice based on total nDNA RFLP 1.8. Hypothetical scheme of organization and evolution of rodent satDNA... Chapter 2. MOLECULAR EVOLUTION, HPYLOGENY AND SYSTEMATICS BASED ON CODING DNA SEQUENCES VARIATION 2.1. Phylogenetic reconstructions on the data of restriction sites differentiation in rRNA genes 2.2. Matriarchal relationships of wood mice based on partial sequencing of mtDNA cytochrome b gene 2.3. Phylogenetic relationships and species radiation of the genera Sylvaemus and Apodemus inferred from two protein-coding genes (IRBP of nDNA and cyt b of mtDNA) variation 2.4. Molecular evolution and phylogeography of west-palaearctic wood mice of the genera Sylvaemus on the data of both nuclear and mitochondrial genes Chapter 3. INTRASPECIES GENETICAL DIFFERENTIATION AND PHY LOGEOGRAPHY 3.1. Spatial and temporal geneology of east-asian wood mouse mtDNA Apodemus peninsulae 3.2. Genetic differentiation of island population of red Japanese field mouse with two different karyomorths Apodemus speciosus 3.3. Genetic relationships between two subspecies of striped field mouse Apodemus agrarius from Korean peninsula 3.4. Genetical differentiation of eastern populations of pygmy wood mouse Sylvaemus uralensis Conclusion List of terms List of abbreviation References

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