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«Георгий Папава Методология познания качеств реалий смешанной рыночной экономики и паралогизмы Стокгольм ...»

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So we shall have a normalized, i.e. socially sound, mixed market economy as a truly de mocratic economic system. Here the equilibrium between the increase in economic effective ness and the strengthening of the socially sound state of a society will be observed in each time period. The given economic system excludes the possibility of damaging society by means of revolutionary disruptions (including revolutionary measures carried out by statesmen) and implants the possibility of successive painless transitions to qualitatively new steps by means of evolutionary reformation. The latter requires professional knowledge and rational use of the appropriate methodology of continuous quality cognition of mixed market economy realia in ti me periods in order to eliminate a series of economic paralogisms that condition revolutionary transformations and inflict painful wounds on the common people (i.e. the Demos). The results of these economic paralogisms greatly reduce the attractiveness of democracy, making the latter fictitious.

It should be remembered that to avert economic paralogisms in a normalized mixed market economy we should always retain the possibility of passing on the older generation’s experience and knowledge in the practical application of the methodology of continuous quality cognition of mixed market economy realia to the next generations. The prevention of economic paralogisms is indispensable for supporting continuous normalized and socially sound develop ment of the economic system of a given country and for excluding a possible break between the level of socioeconomic development achieved by the older generation and its further direction carried out by the next generation, since having to rebuild an economic system almost from naught engenders revolutionary destruction. In such circumstances revolutionary movements caused by the succession of generations and their governments can partially slow down, distort, and even completely destroy progressive socioeconomic development, bringing in artificially new contradictions. This will be the result of the negative impact of the economic paralogisms committed. However smooth progressive evolutionary development can be hastened by overco ming economic paralogisms which artificially engender revolutionary transformations. This en sures a painless successive transition from the former stage of development to the next one without any bustle and abnormal haste. The latter has a painful impact on democracy, engende ring such a negative phenomenon as the voluntarism of functionaries. The shift from one gene ration to the next should rely on the mechanism of normal distribution of the corresponding functions between generations, thus ensuring complete use of the older generation’s experience and knowledge by the next generation for further normalized development of the economy. At the same time it is necessary to exclude laziness of intellect and identify mechanisms for ensu ring a painless evolutional transition from the former stage of socioeconomic development of a given country to the next.

XXII. Proceeding from the above-mentioned circumstances, we believe that economic science should be based on the starting positions offered in order to achieve even greater impro vement of the methodology of quality cognition of mixed market economy realia and make its use a general support for the state governing of numerous private economies, as well as the eco Георгий Папава. Методология познания качеств реалий 342 смешанной рыночной экономики и паралогизмы nomies of any country of the world, in order to avert paralogisms when making economic deci sions.

Pragmatic use of the Periodant Method of Economic Analysis offered is aimed at greatly reducing and completely excluding economic paralogisms in carrying out the economic func tion of entrepreneurship and management of a company, i.e. excluding unpremeditated mistakes in comprehending the logic of the natural formation of economic realia in each time period, which lead to erroneous conclusions and to the implementation of fallacious managerial and entrepreneurial measures.

Generally, it is impossible to eliminate economic paralogisms in carrying out the econo mic function of state governing and to achieve the truly democratic socioeconomic progress of a society in each time period without the use of continuous quality cognition of the mixed market economy realia of a given country.

And finally, it should be noted that the given approach can serve as a foundation for rea lizing “polyphonic” globalization of the economic life of the people of the world community opposed to absolute globalization as well as to anti-globalization. The present approach helps to retain the diversity of the vital activity of the people of the world community, thereby ensuring “polyphonic” integrity of the world economic system.

Placing the methodology of quality cognition of mixed market economy realia supported by the periodant-genetic and “polyphonic” ways of economic thinking on the basis of a possible solution to the above-mentioned problems creates a springboard for carrying out further pro found research in the field of socioeconomic development of the countries of the world. Moreo ver, it should be kept in mind that the assimilation of this methodology and the accumulation of experience as a result of its systematic application when making governing and managerial decisions will eventually form and develop the ability to generate innovative ideas and carry out brain-storming of economic situations formed continuously in time periods, thereby contri buting to the efficient prevention of economic paralogisms and the projection of ways to elimi nate the negative results caused by paralogisms.

Gaining systematic conceptual thorough insight into the essence of determinate forma tions and the variable emergence of economic realia, thereby identifying their properties and mechanisms, strengthens the ability of analytical economic thinking of statesmen (governors), managers, and entrepreneurs, as well as of economist-researchers and economist-analysts, when carrying out their economic functions. As a result, they will acquire the skill of generating inno vative ideas and carrying out brain-storming of newly formed circumstances for making sound governing and managerial decisions free from paralogisms. This will promote the normalization of a mixed market economy, i.e. the liberation of the latter from negative phenomena and the elimination of possible disruption of the equilibrium between the economic and social develop ment of the society of a given country in each time period.

We assume that all fields of economic realia can be the subject of special research based on the given methodology, which specifies approaches to averting economic paralogisms.

It should be underlined that the increase in economic paralogisms in a mixed market eco nomy endangers democracy in a given country. Hence, the entire mechanism of the concept we offer of complete normalization of a mixed market economy acquires a special significance in the struggle against economic paralogisms as a factor distorting the real democratization of a The Methotology of Quality Cognition of Mixed Market Economy Realia and Paralogisms by George Papava Summary society. A democratic society becomes defective under an insufficiently normalized mixed mar ket economy. Normalization of the latter is expected to bring the periodant-genetic economies of the economic entities (companies) of a country into an integral “polyphonically” joined eco nomic system. This process should be carried out by applying this methodology of continuous quality cognition of mixed market economy realia in state governing. This methodology averts economic paralogisms damaging the “polyphonic” institutionalization of a mixed market econo my and causing cracks in the truly democratic foundation of the vital activity of the society of a given country.

And in general, democracy should not serve as a cover, but it should be a truly effective integral system implemented unconditionally and irreproachably by periodant-genetic and “po lyphonic” governing of the functioning of the normalized (i.e. socially sound) mixed market economy of a given country. Moreover, the implementation of new state governing measures requires unconditional and thorough preliminary substantiation based on the results of applying the methodology of continuous quality cognition of mixed market economy realia. The govern ment must inform the people (Demos) of the general expediency of the above-mentioned mea sures via the mass media. This requirement proceeds from the truly democratic constitution of an economy and a society.

It should be noted that watches and calendars are instruments that put economic realia in contact with astronomically determined natural time periods. The technology of an economy is formed within the natural bounds of these time periods acting as a term-forming resource. It embraces such factors as production and sale in the context of two functions: 1) the function of production-marketing transformation of economic resources into merchandise;

2) the function of production-marketing transformation of economic costs into profit. Here production and sale are the factors of technology formation of an economy, but not of the economy itself. Otherwi se, an economy would be determined not by time periods acting as a term-forming resource, but by the duration of the formation cycle of production or sale. This circumstance cannot be igno red, as it is precisely the basis according to which the interrelations between the vital activities of economic entities are set.

Generally, the natural joining of people’s vital activities with astronomical parameters of movement of celestial bodies in regard to the Earth has conditioned the successive engendering and formation of economic activities. Creators of highly efficient socially sound economies (entrepreneurs, managers and statesmen) cannot overlook the connection between economic realia and natural time periods determined by nature. The civilized vital activities of separate individuals and their families as economic entities take place through this natural connection in contrast to the vital activities of representatives of the animal world. If they cannot visualize this connection economic entities will not be able to normalize the organization of the formation of their economies, i.e. of the technology of an economy itself, without which their vital activities are nonsensical. Hence, economic entities should possess the methodology of continuous quali ty cognition of mixed market economy realia to strengthen their economic functions, namely, to possess the ability of conceptual visualizing of the formation of qualitatively determined chains of “triads” of economic realia (economic operand, economic miltioperator, and economic trans form), including the ability of conceptual perception of the variable change in the roles of eco nomic realia, thereby averting the possible formation of the fertile soil that engenders economic paralogisms. What is more, it is possible to normalize the economic interrelations of indivi duals, their families (households), companies, organizations, regions, and countries as economic Георгий Папава. Методология познания качеств реалий 344 смешанной рыночной экономики и паралогизмы entities which carry out their economic functions in the functioning of the environment of a mi xed market economy by using the methodology of continuous quality cognition of mixed mar ket economy realia. This will become a stable foundation for the formation of a truly democra tic society.

The methodology of quality cognition of mixed market economy realia based on perio dant-genetic and “polyphonic” ways of economic thinking and aimed at preventing economic paralogisms which are committed because of imperfect conceptual perception of continuous in formational streams in a given mixed market economic system acquires a special significance in the epoch of the innovative and informational economy.

It should be stressed that if we wish to build a socially fair society by normalizing the so cioeconomic development of a given state, a socioeconomic, and not purely economic, strategy must be drawn up. A purely economic strategy engenders a biased socially unbalanced system in an economy by taking into consideration only economic stimulation of the development of part of the society of a given country. The purpose of a socioeconomic strategy must be to build a truly democratic society. According to the proposed economic concept, the development stra tegy of a mixed market economy that meets the requirements of its normalization, which is in dispensable for the achieving the real democratization of a society, is offered as a strategy of so cioeconomic development, but not of purely economic (isolated from social) development.

Hence, we believe that 1) the methodology of quality cognition of mixed market eco nomy realia aimed at preventing economic paralogisms, and 2) the scientific concept of complete normalization of a mixed market economy free from economic paralogisms can become the economic foundation for the formation of a truly democratic society.

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