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thallus in clusters, umbrella-shaped, mod- , , erately calcified, to 6 cm high. discs bright green , 6 . - to dark green, to 1.5 cm diam., cap cone-shaped - , 1.5 ., when young and cap-shaped when older, of 62 (62 72 rays. outer margins of rays rounded or truncat- ) . ed. corona superior (ondorsal side of the disc, at . ( the base of rays) consist of oblong projections, 37 c , ) mm diam., 175 mm long, with 57 hair scars, 12 57 202025 mm. corona inferior (underside base of , 12202025 . rays) consist of palisade-like projections, 180 ( ) mm long, 180200 mm wide at base and 50 180200 mm wide near round apices. stalk grayish-white, ., 5060 . - , to 6 cm high, 300 mm diam. at base and 500 mm 6 ., 300 . 500 above, heavily calcified. rhizoids to 1 mm long, . . 1 ., branched irregularly dichotomously. immature . thallus consists of long stalk with series (56 lev (56 els) of hair scars below and whorls of branching ) () filaments above. growing on stones, mostly on (). coral fragments and blocks, on dead shells in , shallow sheltered pools and in the upper subtidal , along seagrass associations on sandy bottom.


Note. the alga is used in folk medicine.

Distribution. Japan (ryukyu Archipelago), . ( ), Philippines. .

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